Golden Axe Followers by The Shadow of the Phoenix
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Golden Axe Followers
This mod adds the three main characters from the classic Sega arcade games "Golden Axe"

Ax Battler, The Barbarian

Tyris Flare, The Amazon

Gilius Thunderhead, The Dwarf

This is my first mod using the Creation Kit so I only used the assets available in Vanilla Skyrim. I tried to stay close to their original flavour. Matching Ax and Gillius to their look in the original games, and matching Tyris to look similar to her design for Beast Riders.


Ax=Battler, The Barbarian
His mother was killed by Death=Adder

Expert in 2 Handed Combat and Light Armor. Adept at ice magic and resistant to frost (50%). Weilds a Nordic Hero Greatsword, wears a Silver and Sapphire Circlet, Scaled Bracers, Scaled Boots and a uniquely re-textured 'Tsun's Armor'.

Tyris=Flare, The Amazon
Her father and mother were killed by Death=Adder

Master of fire magic and adept at 2 handed combat and light armor. Resistant to fire (50%) and wields an Orcish Greatsword, wears a Gold and Ruby Circlet and uniquely re-textured Forsworn Armor.

Gilius=Thunderhead, The Dwarf
His brother was killed by Death=Adder

Master in 2 handed combat, expert in heavy armor and an Apprentice in lightning magic. Resistant to all magic (25%) and wields a Skyforged Steel Battleaxe and wears uniquely re-textured Ancient Nord Armor.

Each follower can be found near the Statue of Talos in Whiterun (on the right before the long staircase up to Dragonsreach)

Followers level to match the player upon first meeting up to level 90 (working on making them keep leveling, until then i recommend UFO)

Each follower is essential and friendly towards the player. They will defend the player and other allies. Will use magic at long range and melee at close range. Each follower also sees the other 2 as allies and will defend them in battle also.


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Anyone is free to modify, convert, re-upload, or use any assets from this mod, provided i am credited as the original author.


Thanks to:
Bethesda Softworks for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit
j-u-i-c-e for his excellent tutorial on creating a follower mod
kull7xt for requesting this mod
Sega for creating Golden Axe and for all those hours of entertainment as a child
You for reading this description and hopefully downloading (and endorsing) this mod.