Show Race Menu Precache Killer by Kapaer
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Added: 13/03/2013 - 12:48AM
Updated: 27/04/2013 - 05:32AM

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Last updated at 5:32, 27 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 0:48, 13 Mar 2013

An updated version had been released by Kapaer and is available here:

Please download the updated version, endorse and thank Kaeper for his work on these great mods

First the Disclaimer: I did not create this, I am simply passing this along to others in the community. Per the readme (original Japanese and machine translated are included) the author gave their permission to repost this. I have been told the original author is Kapaer (if you want this removed please let me know) and would like to thank him for his work on this as it fixed one of the most annoying problems I had.

What this does:
The DLL included keeps the game from choking when all the hairs and such are loaded. In my using it the Show Race Menu open immediately and with almost no delay. To show as an example I opened the menu in Whiterun with all the visual mods I have installed and it opened right away. Also, as shown in the screen shot I have 358 hairs installed along with several Warpaint mods and it had no problem. It does not do anything itself within the game except change how textures are loaded when opening the Race Menu - Individually when they are to be shown instead of all at once.

SKSE 1.6.9 and Skyrim version 1.8.151 or later on both.

This file need to go into the Plugins folder SKSE as follows: Skyrim \ Data \ SKSE \ Plugins

How it works: (Thanks to expired6978)
It just forces a jump for the cache function (0x00886B90) to immediately return, this function is used by the RaceSexMenu's constructor (0x00886C00) as the menu is about to display it calls the cache function which will cache your HeadParts for eyes, eyebrows, and hair it is also called by numerous other functions related to changing Race and sex where it will cache again (Game.PrecacheCharGen included). By bypassing this cache you essentially remove the cache limit (Caches usually have limits, and if they are exceeded the game crashes). So far the only currently known downside to removing this cache is that you will lag briefly when changing eyes, eyebrows, or hair. But nobody cares about small brief lag compared to crashing. (Addresses are for 1.8.151)

Update: v1.1
I apologize as the file structure was off. I have uploaded a new version or simply find the file and move it to the proper location. It created a folder in the data tab called Show Race Menu Pre Cache Killer.

Since several people have asked about the other mods I used in the screen shot, here they are:
Changes to Whiterun: Better Cities and Ultimate Lush Overhaul (changes to trees)
Changes to race menu: Race Menu
Armor: Reapers Nord Hunter armor