Thieves Guild Armor Re-spec by Valaron748
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Added: 12/03/2013 - 07:15PM
Updated: 27/03/2013 - 06:49AM

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Last updated at 6:49, 27 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 19:15, 12 Mar 2013

I was dissatisfied with the existing armor enchantments so I decided to make the armor more fitting (and more powerful) for the up and coming thief.
Stats may be slightly different for the non dragonborn file
?Hood now has a fortify Speechcraft effect, as well as keeping the original fortify Barter.

?Armor now has a Stamina boost, as well as keeping the Carry Weight boost.

?Gauntlets Carry both the fortify Lockpicking and fortify Pickpocket enchantments.

?Boots now have a fortify Sneak enchantment and a muffle enchantment, Muffle is scaled based on how powerful the armor is, 25% for standard, 50% for improved, 75% for Blackguard(Glover Mallory's Set), and 100% for Guild Master.