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This plot of land has a strategic importance, it location allows its owner to
control important road and the surrounding areas in the central region of Skyrim.

There're an old stone walls on the plot, similar to the walls of Whiterun and the Dragonsreach is in line of direct sight from this place. Maybe these walls were built by the same builders and perhaps Heljarchen Hall once belonged to Whiterun. Maybe once there was a small fortress or a well-guarded and safe roadside inn for trade caravans, who knows? Whatever it was now this land belongs to Pale Hold.

So...The Jarl installed lanterns, added construction materials and
now everything is in the hands of the new thane, in your hands....

Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V
Hearthfire DLC

French version Ā«Heljarchen Hall ReformĀ» by darthwound (Thank you!) : Nexus version & Steam version

This mod adds stone walls, roads, roadsigns, stairways, walkways, gates, map marker and
some other things to make Heljarchen Hall looks more lore- and more logically friendly manor. Please see latest images and video for detailed information.

Mod contain only one safe lightning script which turns on/off lanterns automatically 6pm/7am.
All new stuff appearance linked to vanilla markers, no new dialogues and scripts. This mean if you already passed all stages of building and gets all availiable upgrades, everything from my mod will apear right after you'll install mod.

If you are starting to build from the scratch initially you have walls, roads to main gates, walkways, lanterns, bridge to outpost. Then there are four stages :
- Things appears when you have built small house foundation.
- Things appears when you have built small house entry door.
- Things appears when you have built stable.
- Things appears when you have built smelter.

Mod may be incompatible (in some cases only visually, in some even CTD) with mods which add some new stuff or makes some changes in same area. Obviously be careful with mods concerning to Heljarchen Hall area.
Read first sticky post.

This mod also make a little changes to navmeshes of other homesteads: Lakeview and Windstad. It's really very small (see the images), i only added some triangles to make NPC able to walk around the house, i mean outside the house, because i had some problems with that. But for some house configurations you will have problems anyway.
Read first sticky post.

So the load order - any, but if you use similar mods for Lakeview and Windstad manors,
please load them after my mod, lower in load order.

Mod already cleaned with TES 5 Edit.
Plugin contains 10 deleted NavMeshes which cannot be undeleted.

There are two version of mod: loose files and BSA version, no difference in
playable content, the difference is that additional files were archived for BSA version.

NMM: both versions standart NMM installation
Manual: for both versions unpack archive, place unpacked 'Data' folder content to 'SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data' folder on your PC and say yes to merge folders if asked
NMM: both versions standart NMM uninstallation
- BSA version: locate 'SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data' folder on your PC and delete two files
- Loose files version:
locate 'SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data' folder on your PC and delete:
from folder 'meshes' folder called 'Heljarchen_Reform'
from folder 'textures' folder called 'Heljarchen_Reform'
from folder 'Scripts' file called 'AutomaticLightSwitchScript.pex'
from 'SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data' folder file 'Heljarchen_Reform_ver_2.esp'

NMM: both versions: deactivate and delete old version then install new one
Manual: for both version repeat uninstallation and then installation procedures

Well, nothing special were found.
Working on this mod i clearly realized that Hearthfire has a lot of bugs and i did the best i can at this
moment but maybe i missed something, so please let me know if you have trouble, i'll try to fix it.

Bethesda for great game ever!

Best mod for Lakeview Manor inspired me to make my own.
Lakeview Manor Upgrades (English) on steamworkshop by skyrimplayer, Rend Dilly and Sir Willem

Very helpful resource to create your own roadsigns. Thanks!
Hanas Blank Roadsigns - Resource by Hanaisse

Ready to use script instead original on CK wiki page. Very useful. Thanks!
Automatic Light Switch by M3rvin
Original script by Cipscis

Saved game for testing. Thanks!
level 81 save game nord by stefank91