Mehrunes Dagon Gate Of Oblivion by UnkownPixRyceKaeks
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Added: 11/03/2013 - 02:06AM
Updated: 27/04/2015 - 09:22PM

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This is now Modders Resource.
You may not Use this in or for a payed Mod.

Skyrim and Dawnguard.
This is now Modders Resource.
This Is one of Mehrunes Dagon's Realm of Oblivion Made to have the Feel of the Hell you went To in Oblivion:the Elder Scrolls IV during the the Oblivion Crisis in Cyrodiil.
Another Gate Has Mysteriously Opened and its Unknown why.

Location: The Realms Gate has Opened Near the Gate To Riverwood.

Latest Update:
Update 3.7
Set Texture and mesh Path.
Update 3.6
1.Fix The Dungeon Doors.
2.Dungeon Decoration.
3.Changed Doors.
4.Added Lava Damage Box to Interiors.
5.Landscape Enhanced.
6.Towers Enhanced.
7.Navmeshed Dungeon Inside and Tower II.
8.Added Enemies to Dungeon
1.Fix to The Dungeon.
2.Dungeon Decoration with new Containers.
3.Improvement to the Doors and Entrances.
4.Improved Navmesh.
5.Landscape Enhanced.
6.access to Tower II.
7.Different More Dark Gate Color[Will be Improved].
1.Improved Navmesh.
2.Added Another Small Tower.
3.Added a Hidden Cave.
4.Slightly Improved Dremoras.
5.Added Flame Atronach.
6.Better Gate Texture.
Added Oblivion Gate.
Fleshy Pods.
Added To Landscape.

This is My First Mod That i Have Uploaded Ever.

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With Thanks to the Oblivion Gate Resource Made by Hanaisse.
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