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>> Description

Adds a spell that will display the target's:
Name, level, race and gender;
health, magicka and stamina (current and base);
level in all combat, magic and stealth skills.

The spell will also show if the target is essential, or is commanded by another (i.e. summoned or raised from the dead).

It was designed to work on NPCs, but will actually happily work on other creatures as well.

The spell is automatically added to the player when the game is started with the mod installed. If for any reason this doesn't work, at the moment you will have to use the console to add the spell (use help "npc info spell" to get the ID of the spell, then player.addspell xx000d6d where xx000d6d is the spell ID).

>> Compatibility and requirements

No requirements. Just adds new bits based upon vanilla game, so should be no compatibility issues.

>> Inspiration

This has pretty much the same effect as the Detect Skills spell mod, but has been created completely from scratch as that mod didn't include the script source files for me to look at!

This was created as a stepping stone for another idea, but can also be useful on followers to see what they are actually best at. I'm also hoping that by publishing this mod now I can get some feedback on the outstanding issues (see below).

>> Known issues / bugs

- The first time the spell is cast, the message box will just show "[...]" instead of the target's name and race. Casting the spell again should get the correct name.
- A surprising number of targets will show up as "Fox" race (including unique dragons such as Sahloknir, and Whiterun Guards for that matter). This appears to come from the fact that the targets use templates, so the base object does show up as Fox race in the creation kit.

If anybody knows (or can work out) a way round these issues, please let me know.