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The surname of Saulf has been tracked back all the way to approximately 1035 AD. The Saulfs were a strong Nordic people and were know for there strength and bravery in battle. Also, women weren\'t bad lookin for the time. Sadara is a Saulf waiting for you to come and bring her on an adventure at the Bannered Mare.

She comes Equipped with a deadric bow that "owned" by her. So she should use her bow and not revert to the standard hunting bow. This would not be the case if you take it from her using trade options though. She has 1000 orchish arrows and is set to level as a combat assassin will level with the player up to level 1000 if you go that high. Is also a potential spouse.

I made her with CBBE v3 and use CBBE more feminine and darker brows.

Found issue where face gen texture data was not included in the downloaded .rar file. I've fixed the problem and now there should no longer be any more issues with the black face. If updating simply download via NMM install and overwrite. No scripts were changed.

Read a rant on lover's lab about cookie cutter pretty face companions. When I originally added Sadara, the title said Unique companion instead of simply custom. I'm currently working on that and trying to set her up so she is truly unique. This will be my first quest mod once I'm finished. I'm adding a quest based loosely off of the movie Brave. The main dungeon in the quest is relatively unique because instead of a door from a Nordic tomb the door seems to fall into a cave like structure. This might take a while but bear with me. I'm still learning the creation kit and papyrus scripting. I would recommend tracking this mod and see where it goes.

Requires Apachi Hair found below

Recomend UFO Ultimate follower Overhaul found below

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Thanks to
Apachi Hair great models.