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As the title says, this is the Blood Dragon Armor Set from the Dragon Age games. Well, a recreation, not a copy/paste. Credit to Bioware for the original design.

The armor will apply to all races, but there are no race specific parts. Khajit, Argonians, and Orcs will see no special treatment for now.

There are two versions of the armor: Unique (Blood Dragon) and Craftable (Dwarven Steel). Stats are similar and are either just above or just below Ebony Armor. The unique pieces also have enchantments. The unique version can be found just east of Robber\'s Gorge, Tamriel -21, 12 to be exact (Not a reference to Rush). A location guide is on the videos page.

To craft, you will need about a dozen the following: Corundum ingots, steel ingots, and leather strips. Dwarven Smithing is also a requirement.

To temper, you will need 1-3 of each of the ingots above for each piece of armor.

-This is not a copy/paste of the original mesh/textures. Everything has been recreated from scratch with the originals used solely as guides. No more, no less.
-This is not recommended for lower spec systems. The textures are 2048x2048 and 2048x4096 and the armor has approximately 50k polygons (The curves, man, the CURVES).
-I am using weapons from my Dragon Age Weapon Packs for some of the screenshots.

Known issues:
-Only the _0 female body will have parts that don\'t clip through each other most of the time. Transitioning to the _1 female body introduced issues.
-This armor was designed to work with, well, itself. Mixing pieces with other armors may result in unsightly clipping, seams, and other fashionable oddness.
-The craftable version\'s female helmet seems to be bigger than the unique one, despite the only file difference being a texture change.
-The corpse next to the Bandit isn't consistently dead. It can be 1) alive and oblivious, 2) alive and running to keep that way, 3) dead, 4) alive and pulling a David Blaine, or 5) neither alive nor dead and standing upright in the air. Yeah. No idea. It's one of Bethesda's treasure corpses too.