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Less Bulk for Skyrim


UPDATE 1.1: Fixes the missing nipples and belly button. I am blind to the details! :P
Remember: constructive criticism is always welcome!


"This is incredible, not just for my character but for everyone! It's not like all the guards and bandits are going around bulking up at the gym six days a week. This is a much fit, realistic build for the whole of Skyrim. Thanks!" -Lostshore

Are you role-playing as a rogue, mage or a non-brutish fighter? Do you really want look like the hulk?
Then you need Less Bulk! You now have the muscles of a fit person, not a body builder. Enhance your character with a reasonable amount of muscle and still impress the ladies! (Haha)

This mod edits the normal map of males. It makes the muscles far less pronounced and removes some of those ugly veins. It doesn't do this to an un-lorefriendly degree either - the massive people still look powerful and intimidating, while the smaller people look more human.

In fact, since the rippling muscles are gone from the large people, they actually look more realistic - hence scarier! :D

The textures are 2k (2048x2048), the same size as Bethesda's high res texture pack.
There are two versions of this mod: Less Bulk and Lesser Bulk. The Lesser Bulk mod does the same, but to a higher degree (you will have even less muscles.)


I recommend Fitness Body for UNP: that mod is such a realistic and believable mod which makes all the girls that much sexier. :D Fitness Body (Warning: NSFW)


This mod requires the vanilla body! You cannot use it with a male body replacer! (Unless it uses the vanilla body textures.)
Keep in mind that this does not edit meshes! Your character will not suddenly become naked after installing this mod!

To install...
Copy the textures folder to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data" and merge folders. Overwrite files if prompted.

To uninstall...
Delete the file, located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Textures\Actors\Character\male" and it's all good.


Mods I am using in the screenshots:
Windsong Skyrim Beauty Project - (Note: some images are NSFW) - Also, I have mix and matched textures from other mods, as well as my own personal edits, but WSBP is a good starting place!


Feel free to use this as you see fit (just credit me and supply a link, thanks.)
Please don't redistribute without letting me know first, either.

Thanks to Paint.NET and BSAopt which allowed me to do this.