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Garm is a fierce husky named after Garmr, the guardian of the Norse underworld. He may look husky but he has the fighting spirit of a wolf :-) However he is to happy and easy going to work in the real underworld, so he got a job helping Andurs at the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. But what he really wants to do is go on adventures with the Dragonborn! You can learn more about his namesake here:

Also the Norse loved their dogs and a husky fits in well with Norse lore, and hence seems appropriate for Nords as well. You can read about vikings and their dogs at the Viking Lady's website:

I basically made him to be an optional companion to my Nord Wolf-Blooded sub-race mod I have been playing. But figured I would share even though I know there are a lot of husky mods out there :-)

Update: 2013-04-19 made a junior version (with and without armor) that is set to size 0.90.

Update: 2013-05-24 added all the main stealth perks, that I thought might help, as abilities under the actor tree.

Update: 2013-06-22 added garm mini - a puppy like version, no armor. Size is 0.7500

Update: 2013-07-23 added garm senior with no armor (size is 1.12)

Update: 2013-09-02 adjusted 1H and Light Armor skills (lowered) and cleaned with TES5EDIT (all versions). Added a white husky-wolf hybrid (this is a unique texture so only Garm will have it - not other huskies or wolves).

Update: 2013-10-26 added game of thrones "Ghost" version of Garm. Same as white version above but with red eyes (not to bright).

Update: 2014-02-08 added Garm with custom ebony armor made by tumbajamba

- Adds Garm, an armored (or unarmored) Husky companion for the player.
- Garm currently works for Andurs at the temple of Arkay in Whiterun, protecting the entrance to the crypt.
- Garm has his own dialogue, although it is based off the standard animal companion scripts.
- Has sneak of 100, base one handed at 5 (so starts at 43 skill), base light armor at 15 (no armor version) or 30 (armor version).
- Has boosted health
- Can reach level 80 (range is 10 - 80 with x1 multiplyer)
- Has some magic resistance
- Is essential
- Set to unaggressive to help avoid running out in battle while in stealth. Confidence is brave, however.
- Does not affect stealth meter
- has light foot perk so he won't set off traps (or shouldn't at least). Also muffled movement, silence, shadow warrior, and +40% reduction to stealth detection.
- If dismissed he will return to where you found him, at the temple of Arkay in Whiterun.
- Different sizes (Garm senior is 1.12 in size while Garm junior is 0.95 in size and Garm junior unarmored is 0.90 in size and garm mini is 0.75)
- The white version of Garm is a wolf-husky hyrbid mix. The texture is the white wolf texture from Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack by Bellyache:
- Same as above only with red eyes to be similar to Ghost in Game of Thrones (per request)
- Added Garm with custom ebony armor made by tumbajamba

Note: Like all the dogs in the game he isn't very good with doors. So if you send him home it may be a bit before he can get back into his home with Andurs.

Just make sure you dismiss Garm first, then save your game. Then exit and uninstall the mod.

While I have given Garm whatever stealth abilities and flags I could find there is still the issue of the AI. You might want to consider trying the "Better Stealth AI" mod to help with that.

If you don't like barking try the silent dog mod for huskies:

Alternatively if you find a silent bark odd you could try out "Hush Doggy" by Luthrael:

If you want a HR texture for Garm try this texture do-over:

2013-05-14: A new mod was released by Aenkill that has 4 very well done husky textures, check them out:

Bethseda for Skyrim.
Darkfox127 for his excellent tutorial on making animal companions.
Bellyache for his white wolf texture:
gtf323 for the main image of Garm I am using for the mod.
tumbajamba for his husky armor: