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Last updated at 2:13, 30 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 23:44, 8 Mar 2013

Adds funny, useless and ridiculous spell.
Whether so slain your enemy with cheese, spawn exploding chickens to him or heals by vegetables, wou can´t say, but "something" will happen.

the effects:
slay with cheese:
cheese fall down and try to kill your enemy

exploding chickens:
well summon some exploding chickens and watch them exploding.
the explosions are dangerous

heal with vegetables:
spawns vegetables which heal the aim.

make etheral:
makes the target etheral, the target can´t attack or be attackt for 20 seconds, and it looks like a ghost.

Transform to sweetroll:
Like the Wabajack, it kills you enemy and creates a Sweetroll.

Transform to gold:
Like the Wabajack, it kills you enemy and creates some gold and it explodes.

the spells:

slay with cheese:
only contains the cheese spell.

rune of madness:
a magically trap causing one of the effects on hitten targets

v 1.1:

a new effect:
mad mind.
targets attack eachother

2 new spells:

beam of madness and ball of madness:
doing the same as the rune.


2 new effects:
transform to mudcrab:
the victim becomes a mudcrab for 60sec. If it dies while being a mudcrab it explodes with shockdamage.
transform to rabbit:
the victim becomes a rabbit for 60sec. If it dies while being a rabbit it explodes with frostdamage.

1 new spell:
explosion of madness
RitulAreaSelfSpell doing the same as the rune.

Requires Skyrim

Transform to gold and Transform to sweetroll are taken from the vanilla wabajack the rest is done by me.

extract it to your data folder, enable the .esp or use NMM.

You gain the spells by simply installing the mod.

No vanilla form scripts quests or anything else is edited, so no compatibility problems, but be warned you will spawn items and actors, and if you don´t remove them this will increase the savefile cause laags and on exemly massive use CTDs gamefreezes corupted save ..., but only if you use it realy often e.g. 500 times at the same lokation.
If you destruct your save with this file I wont care.

My other projects:
Flyable Dragon Races 3 - BURNING SKIES
I´m the scripter and one of the two main authors

Mods I wrote on my own.
synchronized chests
A realy nice mod, a teleprot spell for items and a usefull chest:

Magic rebalancing:
Vanilla magic balancing sucks, illusion is OP Destruction weak, this helps: //this also changes the max amount of runespells.

Utility Spells:
And 3 usefull magic effects: