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What is GELO?
If you've ever played any games like Diablo or Borderlands, you know affix based loot.
Items where combinations of prefixes and suffixes determine the enchantments on items.

GELO is an ambitiously massive loot mod that adds over 60,000 affix based armor items to the game.
You can even import armor from other mods and use them with GELO!

Compatibility & Requirements
This mod uses a SkyProc based patcher.

It automatically detects DLC.
Example: if you have dragonborn, it will add enchanted nordic carved armor variants and such.
If you don't, no worries. You just won't find nordic carved gear.

You may run into compatibility errors if you try to run a pre-compiled ESP with another mod that edits leveled lists.

Java 1.7+ is required for the patcher. Click Here to check your Java Version.
your armor mods must not use outdated BODT records.
See bottom of page for details on how to update a mod from BODT to BOD2.

Feature Details
- List of New Enchantments
- Yes you can turn the name prefix/suffixes off
- Frequency of new loot
50% of enchanted loot will be vanilla loot.
50% will be GELO loot.
- More Rare Loot.
In vanilla, only daedric, dragonscale, and dragonplate armor are rare (ie 20x rarer than other armor)
This mod expands the rare enchanted loot tables with new items like ancient falmer.
Unenchanted loot tables are not touched at all.
- Disenchantable
Every new enchantment added by this mod can be learned.
- You can buy a catalogue of enchantments from M'aiq the liar.
To teleport to M'aiq, use the Console Command:
Player.moveto ba0cb
PS: I think it's funner if don't spoil the enchantments, so you can discover them for the first time in loot.
- Balance:
It's not really feasible to make armor with 6 different enchantments without making things at least a little OP.
On the other hand, getting 100 enchanting, maxed perks, and spamming fortify archery is just as OP
But it's nothing the difficulty slider and or a difficulty mod can't fix.
- Sigil Stones:
Sigil stones are optional in the patcher version.
They have a chance of replacing gems in loot, starting at lvl 30.
They serve no purpose other than to be sold or disenchanted to learn new enchantments.

Tutorial: How to use the SkyProc Patcher

Minor Tweaks
Skill Tags Removed and descriptions shortened.
Nothing special here, most enchantment and balance mods will remove skill tags from enchantments.
It's done to prevent bugs.

The descriptions of various enchantments have been shortened to make them readable on armor with 6 enchantments.

Perk Tweaks
Very small tweaks that prevent bugs.
Vanilla Bladesman 1 - Set Player Crit Chance with one handed to 10
Tweaked Bladesman 1 - +10 Player Crit Chance with one handed weapons

The tweaked version is less buggy because it won't override enchantments and wonky stuff like that.

Armor Rating Tweaks
In Vanilla:
Daedric Helmets have less than 50% of the armor of a cuirass.
But Iron helmets have over 60% of the armor rating of a cuirass.
With the tweak:
Ratio of armor ratings between all slots are the same now.
This is done because the mod selects enchantment tier based on armor rating.
You may remove these tweaks via TES5Edit or override them with other mods.
The only consequences would be stuff like low tier armor having different enchantment tiers.

Future Modules (WIP):
Weapon Variants Module
Handplaced Unique/Legendary Loot Module

Just delete the bsa's and esp's.
You should always unequip all enchanted items before uninstalling ANY enchantment mod.
GELO is no exception to this rule.

Regards to Updating Versions
Delete GELO_Patcher_Build.esp and update all the relevant ESP & BSA files.
Insure that your load order and active mods are correct.
DO NOT play skyrim until you run a new patcher. (or you will lose all your GELO loot)
Run the patcher jar just like you did originally.
Make sure that the new GELO_Patcher_Build.esp has an identical file name and capitalization as before (or you will lose all your GELO loot)
And that's it, you should be good.

Regards to TES5edit
TES5edit may tag some records as dirty edits.
This is because they aren't used by the game.
But these records may be important to the SkyProc Patcher.
Please do not remove "dirty edits" unless you are a very proficient modder.
I will periodically trim dirty edits with TES5 edit as I update this mod.
So please leave it to me if possible.
If you feel like I missed a dirty edit, feel free to report them though.

Compatibility with other SkyProc Patchers:
Lootification - Lootification only affects vanilla enchantments, and ones designed similarly to vanilla enchantments. GELO only affects enchantments that I have added. So the two are generally compatible. Load order shouldn't matter.
ASIS - GELO and ASIS don't overlap in any edits, so they should be compatible. Load order shouldn't matter.
SkyRe/Reproccer - you MUST run ReProccer AFTER running GELO first.

Help! Null Pointer Exception Error!
Null pointer exceptions occur when my patcher can't find a file.
Here are things to check:

- Did you remember to put GELO_Vanilla_Base_File.esp, GELO_Dawnguard_Base_File.esp, and GELO_Dragonborn_Base_File.esp into your data folder AND make them active in your load order?
- GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt and GELO Armor Patcher.jar need to be in the same folder.
- do not edit the name or capitalization of the GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt file name.
- Any ESP files found inside of GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt must be active in the load order, and higher up than the GELO base files in the load order.
The name of the ESP file and the name you type into GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt must match exactly, capitalization included.
- Try moving GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt & GELO Armor Patcher.jar up or down a folder. (the name of the folder does not matter)
- do not put any esm files into GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt
- If you don't have dawnguard/dragonborn, you do not need to use GELO_Dawnguard_Base_File.esp or GELO_Dragonborn_Base_File.esp respectively, at any point. You can delete them.
- I recommend using either NMM or using skyrim directly to edit your load order. Other programs may store your load order in a separate location where the patcher cannot read.

Case by case
at skyprocstarter.SkyProcStarter.runChangesToPatch(
This error means you might have a typo in your GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt file.

at skyprocstarter.SkyProcStarter.runChangesToPatch(
This error means one of the esp's you're loading in GELO_IMPORTER_CASE_SENSITIVE.txt were made using a very old version of creation kit.
Simply load the mod into an updated version of the creation kit and save.

It wouldn't hurt to tell the mod maker to update to BOD2 as well, there's no reason not to.

You're not getting an error but your patcher just won't finish loading, even after 10-15 minutes.
(it's not abnormal for the patcher to take even as long as 3-5 minutes though)
This means the patcher has reached a limit on the amount of memory it's willing to allocate to the patcher.
First, try turning off all programs and setting the patcher's priority to high via the task manager.
That might not work though, so here's a guide on how to allocated memory for java
If that isn't enough, disable any mods that aren't relevant to the patcher.
Try to keep any that edit armor leveled lists.

Instructions for Mod Organizer Users by Tristamid
Download GELO and add it to MO.
Right click GELO and click the option 'Open in Explorer'.
Fix GELO using my previous methods, changing the file structure, .jar, and adding the .bat file.
At the top of the screen will be a file tree (a url) that you will need to copy to the clipboard.
Return to the MO screen.
At the top of the latest MO at the time of writing (12.9) is a green and white gear button called Modify Executables. Click that.
A popup screen appears. Under Title, give the executable an appropriate name, such as GELO 1.5.
For 'Binary' you'll want to use the browse button '...' to navigate to the GELO folder under MO. You can shortcut this by pasting in the file tree (url) onto the top of the screen (Windows 7 users) to appear directly inside the folder.
Click the GELO.bat file. NOT THE .jar!
For 'Start In', repeat the process of 8 and 9, but this time choose the folder itself. It should appear empty to you, just click "select folder."
The final product should look like this:
Title: GELO Armor Patcher 1.5.
Binary: G:\Full Games\Mod Organizer Skyrim\mods\GELO - Grimys Enchanted Loot Overhaul\SkyProc Patchers\SkyProc Patchers\GELO Patcher.bat
Start In: G:\Full Games\Mod Organizer Skyrim\mods\GELO - Grimys Enchanted Loot Overhaul\SkyProc Patchers\SkyProc Patchers
Note: The text in blue is my own personal file structure, yours will be different, but that's okay.
Click Modify at the bottom of the popup.
Click OK.
On the right side of the MO screen, make sure the GELO .esps are all activated, and in the right load order. (Protip: BOSS is pro.)
Click the SAVE button on the top of the load order/esp tab.
Use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to select the GELO.exe you created with MO, and then click RUN. A black command prompt will appear and then the GELO.jar menu will appear.
Configure and run the GELO patch. Note that when it's running, all MO mods that you have will appear being scanned by GELO.
Close the prompt when it says it's finished and you're all set. Run Skyrim through MO as usual and GELO will work.