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It show & modify an abilities of the player & selected NPCs (include monster & dragon).
You can move NPCs to your front or their original location.
You can go to selected NPC.
You can resurrect dead NPCs.
In addition, you can save selected NPCS to the list.
Anytime, anywhere you can operate them in list.


SKYUI 3.1 and SKSE 1.6.9+ is required.
Skyrim 1.8.151+

If you can't see "Nausicaa's Tweaker" in MCM menu, (when you use SKYUI 3.2 or 3.3)

1. Open console : press '~' key <- left of '1' key
2. type this command

setStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1

3. Close console : press '~' key

Ver 1.2
Add "come together" & "Out of the way" to new post.
Go to new post : Come together N Out of the way - Nausicaa-S Tweaker

Ver 1.11a
Add for Other Language file. It's not translate. It's only copy of _english.txt.

Ver 1.11
You are not going to see the mod menu(nausica's tweaker) at MCM, if you are using sky UI version 3.2.
Download Fix file.

ver 1.1 update
- Add new function (Make My Friend) : This will make the enemy as a friend
- Add Speed field : You adjust player self & all NPCs (include horse, monster..)
- "My Speed" & "My Horse Speed" merge to "speed" field , etc...

1. Select NPC – press ‘F2’ to NPC (changeable trigger key)
2. Select player self - not select anyone
3. MCM menu – select “Nausicaa’s Tweaker”

To anyone thats not sure how to select a NPC (as I was even after reading the manual)

You put your crosshairs on the NPC of your choice and hit F2 a Green flash will cover the NPC for a second.

Then open "Nausicaa's Tweaker" in MCM.
The NPC you selected will be in the TARGET selection.
If they are a follower you wish to have fast access to add them to Fellow list.
If they are normal NPC's you wish to have fast access to add them to NPC list.

If you don't want NPC to die, put a check in the invulnerable box.
(adding to list is not required)

Clicking on a name in the Fellow or NPC List will place that NPC back in the TARGET section (actor tab) for reediting.

Remove Outfit = removes NPC's Outfit when targeted (F2)

Thank You Grimblight


Provide by EGM's Mod Showcase



1. Open console : press '~' key <- left of '1' key
2. type these command

StopQuest NausicaaTweakerControlQuest
StopQuest NausicaaTweakerMCMQuest

3. Close console : press '~' key
4. Save game
5. Quit Game
6. Remove "Nausicaa' Tweaker" MOD