Kohdi Retextures Part 3 - Akaviri Katana by Kohdi
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Kohdi's Retextures Part 3 - Akaviri Katana

My definite favorite set of gear in Skyrim is that of the Blades, for three reasons. It reminds me of Oblivion, it makes the exact changes to the Oblivion gear that I would have done (if I could model), and it just looks plain cool. This stuff is the real deal, made by the first-era Akaviri dragonslayers themselves. As I've said before, I believe the armor texture is about as good as it gets, but the texture of the katana, well, not so much. In theory the design is good, but even just looking at it in first person view makes me subconsciously reach for my glasses. It's blurry, shiny in the wrong places, and doesn't have much interesting detail. Hopefully with this mod I changed that.

This is my first complete retexture since my Fang of Anequina scimitar, and it has taken me almost as long to make. The only part that remains from the original texture is the actual blade part, just because I can't make nice lines like that. I did enhance it with some sharpening grain, though. The rest of the sword takes its design from the original, but with new leather, wood, brass, and detailing all around. I gave the sad dragon tsuba some scales to be proud of, and a leather-wrapped-wood hilt that I am proud of. Hopefully, you feel the same.

I also included the two sword meshes in a slightly altered form, taking a cue from my Orcish armor I edited the specular shine ever so slightly. If you don't want to bother with them, however (which is a bit silly), they are not necessary.

Optional Update 1 - This pack contains the sword and sheath textures with slightly recolored brass details to more closely match the color scheme of the original, as well as the Blades armor. Simply overwrite the old files with those in the pack.

Optional Update 2 - This pack gives the dragon tsuba a proper face with emerald eyes. Note that the texture from update 1 is used, that one has become my favorite. As a result, both the main file and update 1 must be installed first to get the new meshes and sheath texture.

Q: The textures look as blurry as ever, what's up?
A: Make sure the folder structure is accurate, the path should go Data -> Textures/Meshes -> Weapons -> Akaviri

Q: I don't like this, it's the same as the original, why is it still blue, etc.?
A: I like it (including the blue), and I made it, so if you don't like it go make one for yourself.

12/10/11 - v1.0 - Initial Release
12/10/11 - v1.1 - Optional Brass Recoloring
12/13/11 - v1.5 - Dragon tsuba detailing

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