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Skyrim - Romans and Gauls

Status: BETA



Because I once accidentally attempted to open Skyrim.esm with the Oblivion CS, this Skyrim mod is marked as an Oblivion Plugin File. Because of that, this Skyrim mod of mine has the prefix "Skyrim" at the beginning of the file name. DON'T USE IT FOR OBLIVION!!!!!


Skyrim - Romans and Gauls BETA v0.1.0

Current content:

-Gaius Julius Caesar patrols Solitude with four Praetorian Guards.
-A Roman centurion patrols Solitude with four Roman Legionaries.
-Two Roman Legionaries guard the execution spot near the Solitude gate.
-Two Praetorian Guards stand guard in the courtyard of the Blue Palace, close to its entrance.
-Three Roman merchants operate out of Solitude's Winking Skeever.
-Two Roman Legionaries stand guard at Alvor and Sigrid's house in Riverwood.
-King Vercingetorix has been added to Windhelm's palace. He does not patrol at this moment.
-A Gallic commander walks around near the doors of Windhelm's Palace of Kings.
-Several Gallic Soldiers, about ten, stand guard inside the Palace of Kings.
-About four Gallic soldiers stand guard at the beginning of the bridge which leads to Windhelm's gates.
-Two Gallic soldiers stand guard at Hod and Gerdur's house in Riverwood.
-The Riverwood Police Station (RPS) is operated by both Romans and Gauls.
-The RPS is already fully accessible by the player.
-To get to the RPS, leave Riverwood through the south entrance and walk up the mountain a bit.
-The RPS has a map marker, but you have to discover it first before you can fast travel to it.

*For information on the issues I have with this mod, I redirect you to the Nexus forums for now.*

The BETA-Version v0.1.0 has been updated to v0.1.2, which means the previous BETA-Version is no longer available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BETA v0.1.2 - Update:

Changes in this BETA-Version compared to the previous BETA-Release are as follows:

-Vercatorix of Riverwood has been disabled. He needs further testing.
-Antonius Valcuranus of Riverwood has been disabled. Same reason.
-The basement of the RPS has been remade. It looks nicer now.
-Interior navmesh in the basement has been adjusted properly for the recent basement changes.

The images on this website have been updated to show about every change that has been made. Even though Vercatorix and Antonius Valcuranus have been disabled until further notice, their original data is still available in the Creation Kit. This DOES NOT affect gameplay in any way as far as I can tell. I did remove the AI packages from their list, and I also made their beds in the RPS publicly available until they're back in the game. I might have to remake them completely, and use a pre-existing guard as the base model instead of fully custom made NPC's.

This BETA-Version v0.1.2 has been updated to v0.1.3, which means it's no longer available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BETA v0.1.3 - Update:

-Changed a part of the ground level navmesh along with the navmesh on the stairs. CK Pathfinding test succeeded.
-Added two closed crates to a corner on the ground level of the RPS.
-On top of these crates lies a Roman sword.
-Placed an open crate on the floor right in front of the two closed crates.
-Added 10 iron and 10 steel ingots to the open crate.
-Placed a Roman dagger on a corner table in the RPS.

This BETA-Version v0.1.3 has been updated to v0.2.0, which means it's no longer available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BETA v0.2.0 - Update:

-The RPS and any custom guards have been removed entirely from the mod.
-The original RPS-Building is still where it used to be, but it has been converted to a player-owned house.
-This player-owned house is known as the Riverwood Manor.
-The Riverwood Manor has its own map marker.
-All chests and wardrobes in the Riverwood Manor are SAFE to store your items in.
-Antonius Valcuranus of Riverwood has returned, not as a guard but as a Roman hero.
-Vercatorix of Riverwood has returned, not as a guard but as a Gallic hero.
-Both of them patrol the streets of Riverwood.

*IMPORTANT: If you currently use an old BETA-Version and you were still in the old RPS when you saved your game for the last time, remember to leave the old RPS and overwrite that particular saved game file BEFORE updating the mod. This can very well help you prevent any unwanted events like game crashes because the old RPS has been turned into the Riverwood Manor. The exterior of the building has been left unchanged, but I did rename the two former RPS-labeled exterior cells to match the Riverwood Manor.

This BETA-Version v0.2.0 has been updated to v0.2.1, which means it's no longer available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BETA v0.2.1 - Update:

-Two ambushes have been added to the mod.
-One of them is a Gallic ambush on a Roman patrol.
-The other one is a Roman ambush on a Gallic patrol.
-Map markers show where the battle will take place.
-The side which is mentioned first in the name of the map markers is the side that wins.
-The only exception to this rule is the map marker behind the losing side.
-This particular map marker only has the name of the losing side, but it also shows when the battle will take place.