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Various Hunter

- Dragonborn DLC
- SKSE and SkyUI

*I rely on machine translation because I am not good at english.

Motive: Hunter says "I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years." When actually trade with them, I felt uneasy with those words sometimes. There were few items trading with, and I felt deal was boring. The hunter should be collecting fish and insects as well as mining and wood cutting.

Adds new 10 travelling hunters and 10 hunter's dogs. Default is both 6.
Adds new 4 hunter type followers.
Travel extensively in skyrim and encounter in various places.
Travel destinations are determined randomly.
Travel destination is more than 50 places in the skyrim.
Adds 6 new hunter camps. Navmesh has been established. No Hunter Camps version is also available.
Adds 41 handmade NPCs for hunters variations. vanilla 8 + various hunter 41 = total 49 variations
Hunter should become a little more stronger.
Change the hunter's level.
Adds some archery perks.
Fix the hunter's class. Vanilla's class are not suitable for hunter.
Hunter says "I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years." So hunter should have a variety of items such as fishes, insects, woods, ores.
The sale goods will depend on the locations.
Adds some fully voiced dialogue.

The solstheim's hunter may sell the items which they hunted in solstheim.
The hunter challenging netch does not have animal goods anymore. Because wulf wild-blood says "The Skaal hunt not for sport, but to survive."

The following features can be configured in the Better Hunters Config (Power spell).
- Number of travelling hunters and hunter's dogs.
- ON/OFF settings of each followers.
- Essential/Protected settings of followers.
- Relations of Hunter and Player. (Neutral/Ally)
- Relations of Hunter and Slaughterfish. (Neutral/Enemy)
- Relations of Hunter and Wildlife. (Enemy/Neutral)
- Enable/Disable of Trade with hunters.
- Assortment of Goods.
- Extra Gold.

"Assortment of Goods" and "Extra Gold" might not reflected in the game immediately except travelling hunters and followers. It will be restocked with the same timing as the iHoursToRespawnCell of game setting (default: after 10 Days).

Known Issues
If set the "Relations of Hunter and Player" to Ally, Treasure Hunters (are bandits that can be found digging for treasure near Sarethi Farm) will not become hostile to player.