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Various Hunter

  • Official Skyrim patch or greater.
  • Official Dragonborn DLC
  • SKSE
  • SkyUI

*I rely on machine translation because I am not good at english.

This description is originally written in Japanese by skyorange and translated into English by Sifka.

Hunters often says they have been hunting and fishing in these parts for years. When I heard it, it sounded a bit strange. If they are hunters and have been these parts for years, they need to sell more various items. Hunters must have done not only mining or wood-chopping but also fishing and hunting for insects. Sometimes they must have hunted hawks and made poisons for their hunt.

What does this mod do?
  • Makes hunters more variation. (Vanilla 8 + Various Hunter 41 = total 49 variations)
  • Hunters' levels are high as experienced hunters.
  • Their Classes are new. They are specialized Archery and Light Armor.
  • They have some archery perks.
  • They sell not only furs, hides and meats, but also fish, insects, woods and ores.
  • They sell goods which depend on their location.
  • They wear hide armors or studded armors.
  • Adds some fully voiced dialogue.
  • Adds 6 new hunter camps - there is no hunter camps option.
  • Adds 10 travelling hunters and 10 hunter's dogs (default: both 6).
  • Adds 4 hunter type followers.
  • Travelling hunters and followers will travel extensively in skyrim or encounter in various places.
  • Travel destinations are determined randomly.
  • Travelling hunters destination is 47 places in the skyrim. For example, these places.
  • Travelling followers destination is 34 places in the skyrim. For example, these places.

  • The hunter may sell the items which they hunted in Solstheim.
  • The hunter challenging Netch does not have animal goods anymore. Because Wulf Wild-Blood says "The Skaal hunt not for sport, but to survive."

There are several features that can be configurable in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).
  • Number of Travelling Hunters and Hunter's Dogs.
  • ON/OFF settings for each Followers.
  • Essential/Protected settings for Followers.
  • Relations of Hunter and Player. (Neutral/Friend)
  • Relations of Hunter and Slaughterfish. (Neutral/Enemy)
  • Relations of Hunter and Wildlife. (Enemy/Neutral)
  • Abolition of Trade with hunters. (if you need)
  • The amount of Hunter's Trading Goods.
  • Extra Gold setting.
  • Buying and selling prices setting.
  • "Trading Goods" and "Extra Gold" are not reflected in the game immediately. Depends on the game setting (Restocking time).

Restocking time: Travelling Hunters and Travelling Followers will be restocked with the same timing as the iDaysToRespawnVendor of game setting (default: after 2 Days). Other hunters will be restocked with the same timing as the iHoursToRespawnCell of game setting (default: after 10 Days).

Classification by hunter camp location
I consider following places are affluent in natural resources. Hunters sell a wide variety of goods.
[World Space Tamriel]
- POIPineForest01
- POIFallForest30
- ShriekwindBastionExterior02 (HorseRider, not hunter camp)
- VHCamp01 (New hunter camp)
- VHCamp02 (New hunter camp)
- VHCamp04 (New hunter camp)
- VHCamp05 (New hunter camp)
- VHCamp06 (New hunter camp)

These lands are affluent in natural resources except aquatic resources.
[World Space Tamriel]
- HuntersRestExterior01
- POIPineForest10
- CliffsideRetreat
- POIVolcanicTundra15

These lands have much snow and resources are limited.
[World Space Tamriel]
- POIFallForest20
- POISnowy01
- POISnowy06
- POISnowy32
- HaemarsShameExterior01 (HorseRider, not hunter camp)
- VHCamp03 (New hunter camp)

Known Issues
If set the "Relations of Hunter and Player" to Friend, Treasure Hunter will not become hostile to player.

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