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Last updated at 19:10, 14 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 16:21, 6 Mar 2013

Craft a Fletchers Knife from 1 iron ingot and 1 piece of Firewood.

Activating the knife in the players inventory brings up a custom crafting menu that only deals with converting arrows to fit the new quiver.

Future releases will include support for Immersive Weapons.

Any questions / queries / problems, leave a comment or PM "born2bkilled" at the nexus or bethsoft forums.

Use the NMM installer to choose ONE option, depending on which DLC you have, and if you use A.C.E overhaul.
(sorry, no support for SkyRE!)

As an added bonus, those using A.C.E Archery will be able to create a NEW type of arrow.
The Ebonglass arrow.

This arrow uses the same heavy bleeding mechanic as the light shatterglass arrow from A.C.E, but can be used with a Long bow for devastating damage.
(Requires EBONY and GLASS smithing perks to craft)

The following mods are also strongly recommended to help enhance the visual aspects of this mod.

Use this texture set if you want the Fletchers Knife handle to look how it does in the images above, without it your knife handle will use the vanilla woodcutters axe texture set.