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200 years after the Rise of the Witches in Morrowind, the Red Blade is still going. Lead by the Witch Queen, they hunt down those they call the Stamynds: wizards practicing magic for evil purposes. But now, with the disappearance of every single villager of Paradise, a small village in Sunshade Valley, things are getting tense and they will soon realize that they are about to face the most powerful Stamynd that ever existed: the first real Warper.

The Warpers is the result of about 800 hours of work, and features a 3-4 hour long quest with dungeons, rewards, and, most importantly, a unique scenario. The quest will start automatically once you finished the main quest of Skyrim. No minimum level.

No voice-overs yet. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

No DLC required, only the update.

If you have Morrowind, you can download Rise of the Witches here:


The Warpers needs female voice-overs!
If you're interested, contact me at this address:


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- A Cure for the Nightmare: quest mod with original storytelling, coming in spring 2014 (hopefully before TES Online)