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Crypt Hero Armor - V1.0 Initial Release

This set is for Male and Female and is craftable and temperable. This is a Light Armor; stats are equivalent to Glass with weight, armor rating and value.
Requires no skill to craft. You can temper the boots, gauntlets and helm with no skill. You need the Arcane Blacksmith perk to temper the armor/cuirass.
The Armor Cuirass is enchanted to protect from disease, so you're less likely to get infected with various ailments from traps or Sanguinare Vampiris from vampires.

Requires no DLC; this was made from Vanilla Skyrim Models.

This armor was created for my hunter character as I wanted something simple but more elegant looking than 'brown' to go tomb raiding with, that would still provide adequate protection.

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Credits To:
'aMidianBorn - Hide and Studded Hide' by CaBal120 for the original cuirass texture.
'Ancestral Helms' by Vipermkii for the helm idea.