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Knapsack Enhanced by born2bkilled
Skyrim » Items and Objects - Player
Added: 06/03/2013 - 04:21PM
Updated: 18/10/2014 - 06:42AM

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Uploaded by born2bkilled


Last updated at 6:42, 18 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 16:21, 6 Mar 2013

Translations available:

This mod will give you, the player, the ability to create a new kind of backpack for the long road ahead. Or just give it to a follower to carry the load, whatever man.

You should recognize the shape and design of the backpack, it is based around the already existing knapsack found in many abodes and establishments throughout Skyrim. When you find one of these knapsacks, GRAB IT AND RUN!

Or, if you are a not criminal scum like the rest of us, you can create the entire pack from good old animal skin!

NOTE: Only the modified knapsack is a wearable backpack, however one must first have a Knapsack to modify!

Included with this new pack are three bonus items, designed to ease your burdens when traversing the savage wilderness. Lighter and smaller, for the lone wanderer.
(although if you Do have a buddy, they should carry the pickaxe, no?)

Creating these items is as easy as chopping the end off the handle of each tool, and combining spoon and pan.

The new cooking pan is designed to work along side the already existing Frostfall cooking pot, and takes full advantage of the smart placement system designed by chesko. The same applies for the travel axe, making full use of the axe degradation system implemented in Frostfall. All other dynamic camping equipment displayed by this backpack is implemented and handled entirely by Frostfall.


If you also happen to use

then you get some special treatment in the form of a completely new Waterskin model that is displayed on your pack! Just make sure you choose the correct version of the mod during installation.

This waterskin will also be available for Last Seed when the time comes, but until then
No RND = Empty waterskin slot on your backpack, that's just the way it is.

The Optional download included with this mod is a mesh replacer for the already existing cooking pot available in Frostfall. This Add-On includes new models for the furniture item, placement mode item and dynamic backpack display item. the inventory item cannot currently be modified, but if this changes, that will also be updated to use this model.

Both Frostfalls cooking POT and the cooking PAN from this mod can be placed side by side at any fire in the wilderness, for when you are expecting guests.

The following mods are also strongly recommended to help enhance the visual aspects of this mod.

Use this texture set if you want the travel axe, and all other woodcutters axes to look how they do in the images above, without it your axe will use the vanilla texture set.

Uses a single custom designed quiver for all arrow types. Designed to limit clipping issues when using quivers and backpacks. Optional versions for DLC content plus A.C.E Archery.

Any questions / queries / problems, leave a comment or PM "born2bkilled" at the nexus or bethsoft forums.