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"Disgust caught in my throat, but did not live very long. I realized the cost of such a forbidden luxury. The value, the demand, the respect." --Exerpt from Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader


There is a non-Dragonborn dependent version, but it does not come with any armor yet.

This mod is inspired by the in-game book, Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader. Beside the book (found in Dead Drop Falls, accessible through Fort Dawnguard) you will now find the Fur Trader's Tools. After reading the book, you will be informed that you can now skin humanoids. From then on, equipping the Fur Trader's Tool will allow you to skin any NPC race, as well as Falmer and Dremora skins. You can sell them for a small fortune.
To skin a race, simply have the ring equipped and the option will appear when you search your victim.

Each character skinned will give you two hides of their race.

At the moment, there is one armor set. is found in the Steel section of the forge. It is quite overpowered at lower levels. Requires only argonian and khajiit skins.

Skinnable Races:
  • Altmer (High Elves)
  • Argonian
  • Bosmer (Wood Elves)
  • Breton
  • Dremora
  • Dunmer (Dark Elves)
  • Falmer
  • Imperial
  • Khajiit
  • Nord
  • Orsimer (Orcs)
  • Redguard

All hides can be "smelted" down into ash, which has alchemical properties. These are based on the race's stats bonuses as listed here.

If lists aren't your thing, I've also included them in picture form above.

  • Altmer (High Elves)-- Fortify Alteration, Fortify Destruction, Fortify Conjuration, Fortify Illusion
  • Argonian-- Waterbreathing, Fortify Light Armor, Fortify Pickpocket, Fortify Lockpicking
  • Bosmer (Wood Elves)--Resist Poison, Fortify Sneak, Fortify Light Armor, Fortify Marksman
  • Breton-- Resist Magic, Fortify Restoration, Fortify Persuasion, Fortify Conjuration
  • Dremora-- Resist Magic, Frenzy, Damage Health, Resist Fire
  • Dunmer (Dark Elves)-- Fortify Destruction, Fortify Illusion, Fortify Sneak, Resist Fire
  • Falmer-- Resist Poison, Freny, Damage Health, Resist Frost
  • Imperial-- Fortify Restoration, Fortify Block, Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify Enchanting
  • Khajiit-- Fortify Barter, Fortify Lockpicking, Fortify Pickpocket, Fortify Sneak
  • Nord-- Fortify Two Handed,Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Block, Resist Frost
  • Orsimer (Orcs)-- Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify Smithing, Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Enchanting
  • Redguard-- Resist Poison, Fortify Marksman, Fortify Smithing, Fortify Two-Handed

Credits: Armor uses models and textures from Vanilla Skyrim and the Dragonborn expansion.

-Figure out how to script pelts and armor to only be sellable to fences (selling to any old merchant is slightly lorebreaking...)
-add more leveled armor sets craftable, to reduce the overpower of the current armor set

If you like the idea of skinning creatures, but want a less "murdering psychopath" way of going about it, you may like my Realistic Skinning mod.

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