Brigandage by Franklin Zunge
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We dropped anchor at Raven Rock nearly a moon ago, but I have not yet ventured very far outside the city. I was taken ill during the last leg of the voyage, a consquence of the constant damp and bitter cold. Erandur thought it was just chills, but I think it was something more, maybe collywobbles or wither. There were definitely rats on board the Northern Maiden, I had woken up one night with one nibbling on my toe. I am only now starting to regain strength.
It is a gloomy place indeed, covered in ash and haze. There is an unsettling feeling and many strange whispers in the air as local dunmer work on restoring an ancient monument nearby. Their chanting drones in an unitelligibable hum behind the wind and city sounds. I am still too weak to investigate anything but I mean to head to the Skaal village as soon as I am well enough.
I've been staying downstairs at the Retching Netch cornerclub whilst Erandur has gone ahead to confer with the mages of the House Telvanni. House Redoran holds authority here. At first no one would talk much to me except the nordic smith, Mallory, who has a brother and daughter in Riften. Our friendship has grown and he has confided in me that they are ranking members in Tamriel's Thieves Guild. I told him that I wasn't greatly impressed by that, seeing as how you can't go from one town to another in Skyrim without being attacked by brigands and bandits. Mallory says the thieves guild isnt like that and they don't kill people, they sneak and bribe and are involved even with politics.
Slowly, over mugs of dark brown ale I have befriended a few of the dunmer and guards in town. Many ask me if the Civil War still raging in Skyrim. I have to tell them that it isnt raging, there are skirmishes and things, but no real battles. They each hold their territories and have their camps and seem content to plot and scheme. I have to tell them that in Skyrim the population of marauders and bandits living in camps and ruins is almost equal to that of the towns and citys. The Stormcloak Rebellion is just another excuse to pillage and sate their appettite for reddrink. It is well to dream of glorious war in a snug armchair by the hearth, but a very different thing to see it firsthand. I told them of my days in the legion. After the death of many friends, my thoughts turned from those of military glory to those of finding a way to escape the service that I was now tied to for another six years. Noblemen may talk of the age of chivalry, but remember the rapers, poachers, and pickpockets whom they lead. It is with these sad instruments that your great jarls and high kings have been doing their murderous work in the world.