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Artemis Entreri's Charon's Claw

This weapon is a demonic sword that commands the weak willed just by touching the hilt of it's blade.

When held in combonation with the Gauntlet embued with magical protection, it becomes one of the deadliest weapon's in the world.

This weapon is wielded with the Vampiric Jeweled Dagger

" The sword had a slender, razor-edged, gleaming red blade, its length inscribed with designs of cloaked figures and tall scythes, accentuated by a black blood trough running along its center. Entreri opened his hand enough for the wizard to see the skull-bobbed pommel, with a hilt that appeared like whitened vertebrae. Running from it toward the crosspiece, the hilt was carved to resemble a backbone and rib-cage, and the crosspiece itself resembled a pelvic skeleton, with legs spread out wide and bent back toward the head, so that the wielder's hand fit neatly within the 'bony' boundaries. All of the pommel, hilt and crosspiece was white, like bleached bones—perfectly white, except for the eye sockets of the skull pommel, which seemed like black pits at one moment and flared with red fires the next. ”
— R.A. Salvatore, Servant of the Shard