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All Vanilla and DLC dragons have had significant buffs to their health, the amount varies by the dragon 1500 - 6000 depending on the type of dragon. All named dragons feel the effects too; they use the dragons i changed as a template.

But that is not all, for i have changed the spawn frequency to be more random, in vanilla it is 3 days after killing a dragon you must wait before the game will allow a new dragon to spawn when you change cell (Static dragons at word walls don't count) but i have it randomised to be anywhere between every cell change and 3 days between cell change.

Now you must be thinking, what reward do i get out of this? Well, now as in the lore only a dragon (or someone of Dovahsos *Dragonblood to you*) can absorb a dragon soul it is natural that some dragon may of absorbed their fallen comrades souls, so you can now get 1 - 4 souls when killing any dragon. But the amount you can get is defined by dragon level. Normal dragons only give 1 by default, but can be set upto a max of 3 from a random number generation. Blood/Frost Dragons can give upto 2, configurable to a max of 6. Elder/Ancient can give upto 3, configurable upto a max of 9. D.L.C dragons (Revered, Legendary and Serpentine) can give upto 4, cofigurable upto 12.

MCM menu to configure the maximum amount of souls given. Configure the max and Min amount of days between dragons (Just DON'T put min above max and then whine at me if your game crashes, i put in a safety check but it isn't foolproof)


1. Back-Up your WIFunctionsScript and MQKillDragonScript in the Data/Scripts folder
2. Extract the selected files and readme to C:\(Install Directory)\Data
3. Start Skyrim, select Data Files, Check "Tougher Dragons.esp" file.

Or use Nexus Mod Manager


Delete the Tougher Dragons.esp, Readme/Readme - Tougher Dragons and the WIFunctionsScript and MQKillDragonScript in Scripts folder (Replace with the ones you backed up ;)) from your Skyrim data directory, or just use the nexus mod manager.

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