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(Photos used are from the old version of the mod)

This mod makes all poison effects, vampire's life drain, Dwarven golem's steam attack, Wisp's attacks, Marked for Death, Dragonrend, Frostbite spider attacks, and some other debuff spells will cause the target to shrink. When a self buff is cast, like Stone Flesh, the caster grows in size.

General changes:
-Adds a shrinking effect to Poisons, Fears, Clam spell, Vampire Drain, and more
-Adds a growing effect to self buff spells like Stone Flesh
-Effects work in first and third person views
-Gain Buffs or Debuffs depending on your size, gain or lose Health, Stamina, Carry Weight, and Sneak. (WARNING: is possible to die from becoming to small)
-Most potions have size changing effects added to them like Fortify Sneak shrinks the user and Fortify Health makes them grow
-Also new potions add to permanently increase or decrease or size and ones that only last an hour
-Potions sold at almost all General Stores and Apothecaries also they are all crafted at cooking pots
-Most enchantments have the effects as well, for instance the Fortify Health enchantment make the wearer grow and weapons with poison on them shrink whoever gets hit by them
-There are some diseases you can contract from the creatures of Skyrim that will cause different effects until cured.
-Microbial Disease: Causes the affected to continuously shrink at a very slow rate (WARNING: is possible to die if the disease isn't cured within a reasonable amount of time)
-Dwarfism: The affected changes to the size of a dwarf and is immune to all size effects (even cures other size changing diseases)
-Skeevitis: The affected shrinks down to the size of a skeever

Plans for the Future (in no particular order):
-Add more potions and diseases
-Add new weapon and armor enchantments
-Revamp the vampire drain to work in a better way (steal size semi-permanently and lose size semi-permanently when in sunlight)

Only vanilla spells and creature will have the effects but the mod should work great with any mod unless it uses the Actor Values FavorsPerDay and Fame (I plan to remove this limitation)
Is compatible with Macromancy 2 (and recommended)

Known issues:
-When loading the save characters sometimes keep the size they were when you died.
-Currently does not change anything from DLC (will work on this once the mod is further along)
Please report issues as you find them

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