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You've collected so many cool armors, weapons etc but they are just getting dusty in your chests and you don't know where you want to put them?
Put the dust into your bin and move into this player home! You've finally got enough space for mannequins, your greatest achievements and of course a great throne for the dovahkiin and enough space for your followers either :)
Designed from a skyrim user - for a skyrim user which brings things you will really appreciate:
- Tagged chest: The days where you had to search for everything are over - story your stuff in tagged chests
- Fast entrance: If you just want to get into fast, store your stuff - and out
- Chest in front of the house: now you can store your stuff without entering
- A new follower: thieve themed :)
- Mannequins: to show all your armors, weapons and more - extra mannequins with banner for the holds
- paintings: To make your home comfortable
- Swimming pool: to relax from the exhausting dragon slaying
- crafting sections
- Kitchen
- Desk for the dovahkiin

Location: Just look at the screenshots, 'Just to clarify, in the screenshot, it's not actually where he's standing, it's in the centre of the image.'

Credits go to:
Insanity's bath towels
Insanity's rugs
Modders resource pack
Tagged chests: