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Added: 02/03/2013 - 01:19PM
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Last updated at 13:19, 2 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 13:19, 2 Mar 2013

I added more options to the tanning rck for others that have alot of pelts/hides to make inter leather, then strips.

Also checkout my other mod "Extra Ingot Options For Smelters", same style.

Cave Bear pelts-------5 for 20
Bear pelts--------------5 for 20
Snow Bear pelts------5 for 20
Cow hide---------------5 for 15
Deer hide1-------------5 for 10
Deer hide2-------------5 for 10
Fox pelt-----------------5 for 5, 10 for 10
Snow fox pelt---------5 for 5, 10 for 10
Goat hide--------------10 for 5 (not many goat killers)
Horse hide-------------5 for 15
Wolf pelt---------------5 for 5, 10 for 10
Ice Wolf pelt----------5 for 5, 10 for 10
Sabrecat pelt---------5 for 20
Snow Sabrecat pelt-5 for 20

Extract and drag "Data" folder you have downloaded into skyrim directory.
or drag and drop the "ExtraTanngRackOptions" .esp in the data folder that is in the skyrim directory.
i am sure that this is MM know what i mean, if not tell me, thanks.

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