West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor Tempering Patch by Rendalli
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Added: 01/03/2013 - 04:12AM
Updated: 04/03/2013 - 05:05PM

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Last updated at 17:05, 4 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 4:12, 1 Mar 2013

This patch adds the ability to temper the chest, gauntlets(all) and boots(all) from the West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor mod. To keep with the lore of the armor they require Dwarven Ingots to temper.

This is only the esp. Requires the original Mod by brokefoot to work.

UPDATE: Added Support for Brokefoot's latest 1b Update. It can be found in the Updated Files section of the file tab.

West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor -

Manual install:
Unzip contents into your skyrim data directory. Overwrite the original esp.

NMM Install:
Activate thru NMM and select yes to overwrite the original esp.

Thanks go to brokefoot for his beautiful armor set.
Created with permission from brokefoot.