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Your game. My vision.

Yash is a Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit word that means
success, splendor, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness,
majesty, distinction, luxury, renown, eminence and fame.

See here for a more detailed description.

  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Hearthfire DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch -- see the included Readme for the required version
  • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch -- see the included Readme for the required version
  • Unofficial Hearthfire Patch -- see the included Readme for the required version
  • Unofficial Dragonborn Patch -- see the included Readme for the required version
  • SKSE 1.7.1 or superior
  • Wrye Bash v300 or higher recommended to build a Bashed Patch
  • 7zip recommended
Manual installationNOT supported. However, if you really want to do things manually, unpack everything in the Data folder and enable the ESPs of your likings in the game launcher.NMM installation

Download, install, and enable the ESPs of your likings.

Wrye Bash installation - RECOMMENDED

YASH is aimed to intermediate mod users who know their way around both TESVEdit and Wrye Bash. As a precaution make sure you have cleaned ALL DLC with TESVEdit 3.0.29 or superior before installing the mod.

The archive is BAIN ready. Just drop the archive in the Wrye Bash mods directory, install the mod as usual and enable the following:

- for the full YASH experience enable YASH.esp *AND* YASH_AllOptionals.esp

- for a customized experience enable YASH.esp plus one or more of the following:

  • YASH_CombatAI.esp - this ESP alters the enemies combat AI and combat style. It can be used as a standalone mod.
  • YASH_DroppableQuestItems.esp - with this ESP enabled all non-MQ quest items are droppable. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG, HF, DB, USKP and UDGP]
  • YASH_FoodsAndDrinks.esp - with this ESP enabled foods and drinks will give timed boosts to magicka, health and stamina. It can NOT be used as a standalone mod.
  • YASH_GuardsWithoutHelmets.esp - with this ESP enabled town guards won't wear any helmets. It can be used as a standalone mod [no DLC and UPs required].
  • YASH_ImprovedClasses.esp - with this ESP enabled all NPC and creatures receive a bonus to all attributes and skills. Leave it disabled if you find the game too hard. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG, HF, DB and USKP].
  • YASH_ItemsStats.esp - this ESP alters items, ingredients, weapons and armors stats and weights. Disabling this ESP will revert a lot of things to their vanilla state, thus unbalancing the gameplay a bit. The only reason why it's optional is for mods compatibility. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG, HF, DB and USKP].
  • YASH_OpenEncounterZones.esp - with this ESP enabled the enemies will cross the zones boundaries, chasing you outside dungeons, caves and town buildings. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG and DB].
  • YASH_Perks.esp - with this ESP enabled all perks will be altered and race specific perk ranks will be added. Plus, all perks are skippable to reach the perk of choice. It can NOT be used as a standalone mod.
  • YASH_PowerfulShouts.esp - with this ESP enabled all shouts are way more powerful [this applies to Dragons, Draugr and Miraak as well]. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG and DB].
  • YASH_RenamedSkillBooks.esp - with this ESP enabled all skill books are renamed to match the teached skill. It can be used as a standalone mod [no DLC and UPs required].
  • YASH_SmithingRecipes.esp - this ESP alters smithing recipes and adds skill requirements for tempering. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG, HF, DB, USKP and UDGP].
  • YASH_UncommonPlants.esp - with this ESP enabled all plants are harvestable for ingredients. There's also a small chance to find hidden small treasures. It can NOT be used as a standalone mod.
  • YASH_UnleveledEnemies.esp - with this ESP enabled all NPC are spawned at any player level but the hardest enemies are rare. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG and DB].
  • YASH_UnleveledLoot.esp - with this ESP enabled all items in the world are available at any player level but the valuable loot is rare. It can be used as a standalone mod [requires DG, HF, DB, USKP and UDGP].
Make sure you do NOT mix ANY of the above with YASH_AllOptionals.esp. Either use YASH.esp + YASH_AllOptionals.esp OR YASH.esp and one ore more of the optional ESPs.Any of the optional ESPs can be safely enabled and disabled at will during the same playthrough for testing purposes and to customize the mod to your likings.Note that YASH is meant to be played with YASH.esp and YASH_AllOptionals.esp only. Mixing YASH with other gameplay mods, hence producing mixed results, falls completely under your responsibility.Use BOSS to sort YASH properly in your load order. Rebuilding the Bashed Patch after the installation is recommended to merge whatever mod leveled lists with YASH's. A word of warning here: YASH features the most complex leveled lists system ever made, whereas in vanilla most lists have an average 20 entries most YASH lists have 200, for a total of over half a million entries. Wrye Bash may throw an out of memory error while rebuilding the patch, just close WB and retry until the patch is generated correctly. Do NOT merge the following ESPs into the bashed patch if you're using YASH.esp and YASH_AllOptionals.esp: YASH_GuardsWithoutHelmets.esp, YASH_SmithingRecipes.esp, YASH_UnleveledEnemies.esp and YASH_UnleveledLoot.esp.UpdatingUninstall the old version, install the new version [rebuild the bashed patch and rerun the ASIS patcher if you're using it]. Simple as that.

Just make sure you DON'T run the game in between.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if updating from 1.11 or earlier you MUST start a new game.

Before playing the game with YASH on you should enter the right state of mind. YASH is a LONG and HARD journey from zero to hero. You die because you're supposed to die. You survive when you're supposed to survive. They die when they're supposed to die. You start as a whelp, weak and lacking any skill whatsoever, and you're supposed to play as such.

You MUST start a new character to run YASH. The mod does NOT work with existing characters and it should NOT be uninstalled from an existing character.

Also, keep in mind that YASH difficulty is balanced to work with ASIS increased spawns. Installing ASIS alongside YASH is not strictly required but it's HIGHLY recommended to play YASH in its intended form. Otherwise you may find the game too easy on the long run.

YASH is my personal attempt to make the game mechanics more interesting, by adding subtle but substantial gameplay elements in a strictly lore-friendly way. It's primarily aimed at hardcore roleplayers but due to its nature it should please just about everyone.

The main goal is to start as a complete nobody, suffer greatly at first and feel a real sense of accomplishment when you level up and increase your skills. YASH is not necessarily harder than vanilla but its gameplay is way, way different.

YASH abides by three strict rules:

  • Never, ever affect the player with something that will NOT affect the NPCs. Never. If your Khajiit character runs fast it's because ALL Khajiit in the game run fast. If your Redguard character is more skilled with one handed weapons it's because ALL Redguards are more skilled with one handed weapons. If your Bosmer character can deal more damage with bows and draw them fast it's because ALL Wood Elves are more skilled with bows. And so on. The essence of the mod is that you are NOT anything special compared to other people, save for your innate ability to shout.
  • Don't disrupt the vanilla mechanics: improve them. YASH intentionally does NOT add new perks, new skills, new spells, new weapons, etc. Instead, it improves the existing game elements by making them more interesting and useful, sometimes essential to proceed.
  • Replace the player skill with the character skill. YASH is not aimed at button mashers but at players who carefully plan their characters.
Last but not least, never let anyone think that he's playing with a mod on. The best mod is the one that doesn't feel it's a mod at all, but something so well integrated into the game that the player could think it's always been like that since day one. This was the hardest goal but I did my best to accomplish it. Also, one fundamental rule here is that the mod should NOT need instructions at all. Everything is explained in-game thanks to non-intrusive messages that inform the player about what's going on. I also have to add that YASH is intentionally NOT user configurable by any means, but I am willing to provide instructions to alter the mod to your likings using either the CK or xEdit.

They are now really unique, have different stats, traits and abilities and choosing a race actually affects the gameplay. To name a few, Altmers regenerate magicka more quickly, Orcs are best at smithing and Redguards swing one handed weapons faster. Note that as I stated above this does NOT affect the player alone. It affects the race, therefore ALL Khajiit regenerate stamina quickly, ALL Nords have a low magicka pool and regenerate it slowly, ALL Wood Elves have a low initial carry weight, etc. This obviously applies to followers as well. The list can go on and on, suffice it to say that every race has now all its stats and skills altered, all affecting the gameplay in one way or another.

Long story short: ALL perks stats have been altered in a way or another and some perk ranks are available only to certain races. Also, you can "skip over" perks without being forced to pick perks you don't like just to reach the perk of your choice.

You're not the center of the world anymore. The world lives a life on its own and it does NOT depend on you anymore. More than 2,000 leveled lists have been edited with a collection of xEdit scripts I made myself to make it so that the more valuable items are rare and the less valuable items are spread all over the place. There is NO hand placed loot, everything is placed with a so refined formula that most leveled lists contain up to 200 automatically generated entries [most vanilla lists have 20]. Even I have no idea where the more valuable loot is. The same applies to creatures and NPC, the harder enemies are rare and the easier are more common.

Even in the lucky event that you find an Ebony Battleaxe or a Glass Bow after one hour of play, you'll not be able to use it properly until you meet the skill requirements for that weapon. You'll be slow and clunky and won't deal a great amount of damage. Again, your skill will be almost meaningless, while your character skill will be essential. I can't stress this enough: this applies to everyone else as well. If you happen to stumble upon a low skilled bandit wielding a Glass Mace you'll notice that he will be slow, clunky and not very efficient with it. The same applies to shields, if you lack the required skill for a specific material you'll block much less damage then usual. Cuirasses and boots will slow you down. Helmets will slow your magicka regeneration, gauntlets will double the spell cost and halve the spell magnitude. Spells have a chance to fail, skill dependent.

Skill governs everything you do. The damage you deal with a weapon, the chance to pick a lock or to pickpocket, the magnitude and duration of a spell, the power of an enchanted item. Everything. All spells scale to skill level, up to twice the magnitude and duration once you reach 100 in the school of the current spell. All weapons scale to skill level, up to twice the damage once you reach 100 in either one handed, two handed or marksman. When you equip a weapon its damage will instantly update accordingly to your skill.

They now serve a purpose. Instead of creating a primary needs system I took a completely different approach: you're not forced to eat to stay alive but if you DO eat you'll gain good bonuses to Magicka, Health and Stamina that will last for a long while. Raw foods boost attributes a little, cooked meals boost them way more. So, you wake up in the morning, have a good breakfast and your attributes are boosted til lunch. You eat your lunch, mixing several foods to maximize your attributes and you're done until dinner. As a rule of thumb wine and meat based meals increase Health, alcoholics and fish based meals increase Magicka [hey they contain phosphorus after all!] and vegetables based meals increase Stamina. Gameplay-wise the system works by a simple association of ideas: you see meat, you think Health. You see fish, you think Magicka. You see an apple, you think Stamina. The game will warn you if you eat too much, so eat up and don't worry about being a glutton. However, you should eat in a considerate manner: if you eat too much too quickly there will be a chance for the current effect to be dispelled and you'll have to wait a bit to digest the food before eating again.

Think you can enter a cave, awake a snow bear and just run like hell? Think twice. Enemies will now follow you everywhere, in some cases if you make a Draugr angry enough he'll chase you to the death outside his barrow! Be more careful next time you want to loot a cave.

Everything [and I mean everything] is altered in a way or another. All potions have been renamed with meaningful names so that you know their magnitudes with a blink of an eye -- the 6 magnitudes are now added as 6 different suffixes: Weak, Average, Strong, Great, Extreme and Ultimate. All items have been reweighted and all weapons damages and armor ratings have been altered to match their material inherent power [Iron is weak, Dragonbone is REALLY strong etc].

All enemies have their weaknesses and resistances. I won't spoil anything here, you'll have to find out which weapons and spells work best by yourself using some logic. While nothing prevents you from using always the same weapon against all enemies, if you really want to survive you'll have to use the right weapon for the right enemy.

Enemies are now smarter. They'll dodge and block your attacks more often, be more aggressive when you give them openings and know whether it's time to flee or time to continue fighting. More than 100 AI stats have been altered to improve the combat system.

  • You can drop non-MQ quest items
  • skill increases [and therefore leveling up] are half as slow
  • no difficulty settings. Altering the game difficulty in the game menu has no effect anymore: YASH has its own difficulty setting -- removed in 1.13 to enforce the strict "vanilla feeling" rule uniformly. Note that YASH is supposed to be played at the Adept level.
  • race-specific skills aside, all initial skills start from 0. You read it right, you start as a complete nobody
  • running and attacking with melee weapons drains stamina. Draining all your stamina pool will NOT prevent you from running but it will prevent sprints and power attacks
  • potions cure over time
  • the first perk of each skill tree has a skill requirement
  • carry weight is not stamina dependent anymore. Instead, you gain a bonus to your carrying capacity at each level, race-dependent, regardless of which attribute you choose to increase at level up
  • timescale is set to 12, so that 1 hour in game = 5 minutes IRL, to accomodate the foods and drinks timed boosts
  • you can chop wood 10 times in a row
  • creatures venoms are more letal and last longer
  • the player has no starting spells anymore
  • the spinning death animation is replaced by a ragdoll
  • common jobs will pay less, houses cost more, bounties are higher, spell books cost more, etc.
  • giants are really gigantic
  • dragons are way more powerful and spawn rarely
  • skill books have their associated skill in their title
  • city guards don't wear helmets anymore [I hate robots]
  • lockpicks have weight
  • merchants inventory respawn every week [vanilla is 2 days]
  • NPC use ammunitions - once they run out of ammo they go melee
  • health regeneration during combat is disabled
  • merchants inventories are location-based: Alvor in Riverwood isn't likely to sell enchanted stuff while Beirand in solitude have plenty
  • armor skills are slightly increased while running around if you wear a full set of armor
  • save for a few exceptions, merchants don't sell ingots, leather and animal parts anymore. You want pelts, go hunting. You want ore and ingots, go mining
  • ingots, ore, leather and leather strips you used to find around the world are gone, save for those you may find inside containers
  • you can't change cuirass and boots in combat unless you meet the required skill to do so
  • Rested, Well Rested and Lover's Comfort won't increase skills faster for 8 hours anymore. Instead, all attributes regenerate 5, 10 and 15% faster for 8 hours
  • you can bash locks open up to Expert difficulty, provided you have the required two handed skill -- lock bashing is restricted to barbarian-like characters
  • you can't pick locks no matter how good you're at it if your character lacks the required lockpicking skill
  • all enemies search for you way longer after a sneak attack
  • almost all plants [pines, ferns, aspens, vine maples etc] are searchable for ingredients like critters and mushrooms. You have also a small chance to find hidden treasures
  • merchants are harder
  • all shouts are enhanced in regard to both recovery time and power
  • practice dummies and targets can be used to improve One Handed, Two Handed, Archery and Destruction skills
  • movement speed and armor speed are material based. The heavier the weapon material, the slower the weapon. The heavier the armor material, the lower the movements speed.
  • minor tweaks to just about anything you can name: traps damage, arrows speed, standing stones effects, crafting recipes, load screens, you name it
All the above in a 3 Mb only compressed archive.
StabilityYASH can't crash your game. Period.However, it WILL instantly crash your game at the game menu if you don't have the required DLC and unofficial patches.PerformanceI've never had any evidence of performance drops, but your mileage may vary. Don't be misled by the size of the archive [it's because the mod mostly uses vanilla resources only]. YASH is HUGE. As such, you wouldn't believe how many things are running under the hood. Therefore, I could imagine that a little performance drop on low end machines is to be expected in very crowded areas.CompatibilityYASH was never made with compatibility in mind. Therefore, conflicts with mods that alter the same things are to be expected. The question here should not be "Is YASH compatible with mod X that alters the same thing?" but "Do I still need mod X that alters the same thing?" - No, you don't.Truth is, if you believe in what YASH does you really don't need much else.Side note: YASH works beautifully with ASIS increased spawns [actually it's VERY recommended to install ASIS alongside YASH to increase the spawn rates], but if you choose ASIS AI it will overwrite YASH's [not a big deal, they appear to be very similar]. YASH is perfectly compatible with Arthmoor's Alternate Start but it's obviously incompatible with any other overhaul out there.Known compatible modsThis section is tiny atm but it will eventually grow up. Every mod in this section survived strict and thorough testing and it's known to work flawlessly with YASH, thus gaining this fancy badge [lol]:

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Immersive Armors
Immersive Creatures
Immersive Weapons
Run For Your Lives
Wet And Cold
When Vampires Attack

  • 18Mb in size for the ESP alone [yes, it's BIG]
  • more than 18,000 vanilla records altered [yes, A LOT]
  • 8 months of work -- around 800 hours [yes, a LOT of work]

  • Arthmoor
  • B1gBadDaddy
  • Hanaisse[*] heilghast[*] Il Ducey[*] JustinOther[*] Pseron Wyrd[*] Rocket[*] SilentSpike[*] Terra Nova[*] Verteiron[*] Worm[*] Zilav
And everyone I may have forgot to mention.