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Last updated at 4:08, 27 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 15:00, 27 Feb 2013

When playing skyrim, I always wondered how one goes about ripping a sabre tooth tiger's tooth out with no blood on it. This mod fixes that. I always wondered how a chef/butcher never gets blood or flour on their clothes. I always wondered how kids who run around and play all day never get dirty. This fixes that by adding this stuff to 15 textures. There will be more coming soon.

Notes: I tried to change as little of the base texture as possible and just add stuff to them so it blends well with the vanilla or high res textures. The files are all default resolution so it is not a resource heavy mod.

I have improved my skills but sadly I am going on a one month vacation where I will get absolutely nothing done. But when I get back I will improve textures (yellow chaurus blood) and add new ones.

Textures Included:
-Added a little more blood to decap gore
-Added blood to sabre cat tooth
-Bloodier Bandages
-Added blood and flour to chef's clothes
-Added dirt and grass stains to some children
-Bloodier Executioner
-Bloodier Mammoth Skull
-Bloody Chaurus Chitin
-Bloody Dead Hare for users who think blood mods are to over the top
-Bloody Dragon Bones

More Coming Soon
Suggestions? Let me know!


Drag the files contained in this zip file into your Skyrim Data folder. Overwrite if it asks you too. This mod does not come with an esp file so if you don't like a texture, you have to remove hem yourself


Remove the unwanted files. If you don't know wat they are, check the folder that you downloaded.


GIMP 2(Creating The Textures)
Bethesda(The Game)