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The Zodiac Squad

This mod adds 14 original companions to the Skyrim world. They can be found in a variety of locations. Some are in Inns while others need to be sought out.

Right now this is simply companions. But I will be adding weapons based on each zodiac sign, once I figure out the modding to make those work.

*Be aware that these characters are my original creations and cannot be re-used of re-produced in any manner.

*The style of characters/faces that I enjoy is certainly not the same preference as everyone, you must decide what types of face mods you want to use.

*Any derogatory/abusive or "out of line" comments will be reported. Please be constructive in comments.

*I am open to suggestions/requests for new characters to be added... ask and you shall receive as I am always open to new character ideas.

All companions are:

Local Dismissing


Andromika: Imperial Bard (Illusion/Bow/Blades) Bard's College.

Aramus: Imperial Assassin (Blades/Dual/Stealth/Light) Rorikstead.

Brennan: Redguard 2-Handed Warrior (Greatsword/Battleaxe/Heavy) Winking Skeever.

Caitlan: Breton Psionic (Illusion/Alteration/Blades/Stealth/Dual/Wabbajack) The Frozen Hearth.

Elektra: Dark Elf Necro (Conjuration/Alteration/Necro/Restoration/Stealth) Ivarstead.

Fulgora: Snow Elf *High Elf Re-Color* Spellsword (Blades/Heavy/Destruction/Frost) Labyrinthia.

Gallowyn: Redguard Lockpick Master (Lockpicking/Light/Blades/Dual/Stealth) Ragged Flagon.

Jeremisias: Breton Destruction Mage (Destruction/Blades/Alteration/Conjuration/Stealth) Whiterun.

Mystra: Khajit Scout (Blades/Bow/Stealth/Restoration/Alteration/Light) Temple of Mara.

Reichan: Nord 2-Handed Warrior (Greatsword/Battleaxe/Heavy) Jorvasker.

Nathaniel: Imperial Ranger (Bow/Blades/Stealth/Light) Riverwood.

Sakiria: Sea Elf *Hight Elf Re-Color* 2-Handed Warrior (Greatsword/Heavy/Hammer) Dibella Temple

Sienna: Nord Paladin (Greatsword/Restoration/Alteration/Heavy/Light/Stealth/Magic Res) Windhelm.

Wraith: Wood Elf Ranger (Bow/Blades/Stealth/Dual) Markarth.

Required Mods:

Apachiskyhair 1.5 by Apachi -
ApachiFemales by Apachi, 1.2 and 1.3
ApachiMales by Apachi
More Hair Colors (I have both files active) -

Recommended Mods (But not required):

UFO - Ultimate follower overhaul.
TERA Armors -

Fine Face Textures by urshi -
Eyes of Beauty -
Better Facegen -
Better Males
Better Females
Body mods (Calientes)
One of the sexy armor mods out there. (Skimpy) -
SageOutfit and/or

Special Thanks:

Apachi in particular for the awesome hair mod! You are an inspiration to modders.
All modders whose mods I have linked to, your work has greatly enhanced Skyrim.
Bethesda for Skyrim, thank you for the beautiful game!