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"Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy."
--Ishiro Honda

The Sea of Ghosts, they call it. An emptiness of ice and fog, lifeless and haunted. But the icy depths hide horrors even the Dragonborn has never faced. Legends tell of the beasts that dwell in the deep. Creatures that have slept for centuries beneath the ice. Monsters of such immensity, that even the dragons fear them. And now, like the dragons, the monsters have awoken...


This mod adds nine massive boss monsters that prowl the Ghost sea. They are based off of various world myths regarding sea monsters. There are also three ship captains that can be hired, three survivors in the docks, and an expert monster hunter for hire. Talking to the survivors will lead you on a quest that will pit you up against each of these monsters. The quest is not voiced yet, so be sure to turn your subtitles on.

Monster locations:

Karkinos, Great Crab of Learna
-Giant Crab that Hercules fought as one of his labors. Found on the islands north of Broken Oar Grotto.

-Biblical giant fish. Found in the deep dark of Pilgrim's Trench.

-Finnish myth about a giant sea monster. A giant walrus, or maybe an octopus. Found in the waters north of the Serpent Stone.

-Norse Midgard Serpent, son of Loki. A serpent so big it encircles the world. Found due north of Ophan's Tear.

-Celtic sea monster. Found west-northwest of Septimus Signus's Outpost.

-Legendary octopus/crab monster. Found east of Bleakcoast Cave.

-Father of Frost Giants. Found far north of Brinewater Grotto.

-Babylonian chaos monster, goddess of the ocean. Mother of Monsters. Found north of Hela's Folly.

-"Old Man Of The Sea" Primordial Greek sea god. Father of monsters. Found north of Dawnstar.

The ship captains can be found in the inns of Solitude, Dawnstar, and Windhelm.

Some of the monsters tend to bug a bit, due to their immense size. All are killable and all will present a good fight. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone knows how to make an Ice Wraith swim, let me know.

Some mods that I would recommend to improve your Monster Hunting experience:

Sailor's Ring:
Water Combat (Not working yet):
Drivable Boats:


Added a sort of lair to each monster location comprised of shipwrecks, bodies, survivors, etc. Adds a little more menace to each battle. Also, each lair is an actual map location so you can fast travel once you find it. Somehow in doing this I managed to mess up the original location of Jormungandr, which was just north of Northwatch Keep. I moved him to a different island north of Orphan's Tear, but the original location is still messed up and causes a crash to desktop. I'm not sure if I messed up the navmeshes somehow or what, but I can't fix it. I'm sorry if that messes up anyone's game, but there's not really any reason to go out there. Also I tried to level out the monster strengths a little more; I tried fighting them with my level 80+ character and REALLY struggled. I want them to be a little more reasonable than that. I'm looking into creating custom armor and weapons next; not sure if I want to get into that or start working on Cthulhu. We'll see, but I plan on getting thoroughly Irish this weekend so there won't be too many updates this weekend. That's all for now, happy hunting!

Added some summoning spells to some of the monsters that can summon Spawn. I'm not sure if the monsters can actually use them, however, since they are not human NPCs. I also added the spells as rewards during the quest.

Added a small hunting vessel that belongs to the Hunter, dubbed The Chaoskampf.

The sea captains are now available as followers. Enlist their aid as you battle the terrors of the depths!

Both quests are fully tested and functional. Keep an ear out around the docks and go from there. Get set for an epic hunt. Let me know if you find any persistent bugs. I haven't made any workarounds in case you kill the monsters out of order, so you have to follow the quest exactly for now or it will get all mixed up. Be careful finishing the quest if you haven't finished all the quests in Dawnstar. People will die. I hope you enjoy it!

Things that still need fixed
-A few persistent little bugs with the quest
-phorcys won't talk to you, cause he always wants to kill you
-Jormungandr tends to glitch when you kill him; if you can't find his remains or the quest doesn't advance just restart and try again. Sorry.
-some monsters get stuck
-Curruid causes massive FPS drop

Future Plans:
-Give Tiamat the ability to summon sea ghosts and monster spawn
-Custom monster models
-More monsters.
-Smaller "spawn" of the larger creatures spread throughout the sea.
-Epic final battle.
-Possible badass armor set made from monster pieces.
-A small, drivable skiff from which to fight on the ocean (anyone wants to tackle this one, be my guest)
-It would be cool to develop some sort of underwater combat (maybe a daggers-only system? Again, this is way beyond my current ability so if you want to try to do it be my guest)


*Previous Updates*

The second half of the quest has been added, but I'm having trouble testing it. I uploaded it if someone else wants to test it. If not hopefully I'll figure out what's wrong soon. It starts by talking to The Hunter at Serpent's Stone after you kill Iku-Turso.

Added a Kraken of sorts. Let me know how you like him.

Added some more monsters. Repositioned some to make them behave better. Changed Tiamat to a more fitting monster, renamed giant Chaurus as Curruid (because nobody knows what the hell it looks like).

I have completed the first half of the quest. You will come across haggard survivors on the docks; talk to them to begin the quest.

-Jormungandr's remains seem to fly off into space whenever you kill him. I don't know why. The only thing I can think of is to keep re-killing him until they drop normally, or use the console to try and find where they fell. I think using "kill" on the console will keep them from recoiling off into the distance. I really don't know what I can do to fix this, it's just the nature of him being so large.
-The captains and The Hunter are not available as followers, even though the Hire option is there.
-Jormungandr is still about 70 feet in the air, so he's kinda hard to fight. I still have no idea how to fix this.
-Leviathan has a tendency to get stuck and not chase the player, which you kinda need to do to fight him. I moved him up in the water some so hopefully this won't happen as much.
-Phorcys and Tiamat currently spawn right beside one another, and I've been told that they immediately fight to the death, even though they're supposed to be lovers. So, don't go looking for Phorcys until you've killed Tiamat, cause they dont fight until you get close to their spawn points.

Anything else, let me know. I'm still trying to figure this shit out.
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