M17 Blue Moonstone Elven Gear by Malkav17
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Added: 10/12/2011 - 05:17PM
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M17 Blue Moonstone Elven Gear

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I didn't like the colour of the Elven stuff. It was so similar to the Dwarven colour and I wanted to be able to see the difference straight away (I also hate gold). So I recolored all the weapons and all the armor and even the ore and ingot so it all looks like its made from the same matterial. I also highlighted some of the ornaments on the weapons and armor. Some parts are silver and iron colour to match the smithing materials.

There is 3 versions now:
V1: Some parts of the gear are darker than others.

V2: I brighten the dark areas, because some people wanted it to be all the same shade.

V3: My last editing. Items have different shades of blue, because no all stones in nature are the same either and it looks better. I used the darker version but redone most of the items to make it nicer. No pictures for the last version as everyone needs to try it out for themselves. Its best to see it in the game and everyone has a different settings.

Extract the Zip to your Skyrim folder.
If you don't like the whole set, but just want, let say weapons, open the zip and copy only the weapon files to your Skyrim/Data/Textures folder.
The ore and ingot are in Skyrim/Data/Textures/clutter folder

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