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- Unknown Enchants -
(and Spells)

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This mod appends a letter to all the items that are disenchantable by your character, and all spell tomes that you have not read. If you have ever found an enchanted item on a vendor or out in the world, and asked yourself if you know this enchant. Now you will. No need for running back and forth to the arcane enchanter or picking up heavy weapons just in case you might not have that enchant. Unknown Enchants will solve all of that.

To change settings in the mod, you can use MCM menu if you have SkyUI. Otherwise there will be a book called "Unknown Enchants: Settings" added to your inventory after the mod has loaded. Just open it and follow the instructions to change settings.
A note on setting the number of threads, this might speed up the mod by saturating more of the script engine. If you have a lot of other mods that runs scripts at the same time this might not help much. And in turn setting the threads high will slow other mods down. However, Unknown Enchants ONLY works whenever you load game, change settings or learn a new effect. So it shouldn't interfere too much with other stuff.
The first time the mod runs it might take a while to process. The mod works by going through a list of the items that are disenchantable and renaming them. So every time you load it will take a few seconds to update the item names. I'm sorry it's kind of clunky, but this is the only way I could make this mod work.

The mod requires SKSE latest version. It supports all DLC content. Just choose which DLCs you have during installation.
Due to the nature of this mod, if you have other mods that delete any of the items used by this mod (enchanted armor/weapons, spelltomes, enchants) aka "dirty edits" you might get CTD on load. Cleaning those mods with tes5edit might help if you have problems.

Mod Support.
If you are a mod creator and your mod adds items that can be disenchanted or spell tomes that add new spells. And you wish my mod to also track those items. Just make a FormList with all the items and base enchants you want to add in the creationkit. Make a quest in the creation kit and attach "NoxUE_ListBase" script to it. Fill the property in the script with the FormList you created and you are done.
Keep in mind though, this mod compares the names of the enchants on items to the name of the base enchants they learn. So these needs to match for things to work.

Renaming items is only saved in RAM, that is why the mod has to work every time on load. It also means that if you load a different save without exiting game, some items might still be flagged when they should not be, with respect to that save. However loading an old save from the same character shouldn't be an issue unless you have some sort of mod that unlearns enchants.

1. Make sure you still have 1.00 installed
2. Load the save with 1.00 you wish to continue on.
3. Open Console
4. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread0" without the quotes
5. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread1" without the quotes
6. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread2" without the quotes
7. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread3" without the quotes
8. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread4" without the quotes
9. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread5" without the quotes
10. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread6" without the quotes
11. Type "stopquest NoxUEThread7" without the quotes
12. Type "stopquest NoxUEQuest" without the quotes
13. Save Game and Exit
14. Uninstall Mod with NMM or Manually Remove installed Files
15. Load the saved game (you will get a warning of missing content)
16. Save Game and Exit again
17. Install 2.00 version and play from last save.

Why so complicated?? - Well it is for your own benefit that you should to do this. I have tested it and althought it might seem fine just disabling the old version and loading the new, it will leave a lot of scripts still trying to run. So this will save you some resources for the papyrus engine.

Manual Install.
Extract all *.pex files in Scripts folder to Skyrim/Data/Scripts.
Extract the NoxUE2.00.esp file in Esp/[Option] folder to your Skyrim/Data folder.
(Where [Option] is the folder based on what DLC you have)
Enable NoxUE2.00.esp in launcher

1. Load your save
2a. If you have skyUI click Uninstall in MCM menu
2b. Otherwise drop the book: "Unknown Enchants: Settings" from your inventory
3. Exit all menu's and it should tell you that mod has uninstalled
4. Save Game
5. Remove all files extracted during Install (or remove with NMM)
6. Load Game
7. Play..


- v2.03 Several bug fixes related to saving.

- v2.02 Mod compatability fix
- v2.01 Fixed enchant prices that were mistakenly altered.
- v2.00 Complete Rewrite of the Mod
- v1.00 Added support for Dragonborn and fixed some issues.
- v0.90 Added option for marking spell tomes
- v0.85 Added Mod Configuration Menu and made some coding changes.
- v0.8 Added Dawnguard Items and FOMOD script to the installation.
- v0.7 - Initial Release

- SKSE, for making it possible
- SkyUI for their MCM menu
- Dheuster for helping point me in the right direction with multithreading.
- Kelwyn for helping support mod for WryeBash users.