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Befor anyone grumbles.
You will need / Special Thanks to Elys
--NEED--Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys -

This config works a LOT better with the following mods. But also works without them.
+Deadly Dragons//Deadly Monsters by 3JIou -
+High Level Enemies by Dalquist -
+Magic Skill Scaling -
+Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay - SPERG by seorin -
+SkyUI =
Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock -

AVOID WALL OF TEXT - INSTALL with NMM after installing
Vanilla version = No mods that mess with perks.
Mod Enhanced = SkyUI + Deadly Dragons + Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay (or similar)

Install Manually (Or use the NMM)
1a. If you have (Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys) already. Backup your

1b. Install - (Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys)

2. Drop the Data Folder in the .rar into your Skyrim folder and click accept.

3. Play Skyrim
Uninstall (Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys) or replace SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.ini with backup.

About the config.
I have created and recreated characters alot trying to work out a config that feels fair and mostly realistic to some degree. Keep in mind. I play on Master Difficulty.

*All skills goto 1000 but when they stop gaining strength turn red (as if being debuffed) and stay the last number they geined strength in. This is due to going beyond the cap you wont improve in that field anymore but you will gain exp from it.
Crafting for example will also go to 1000 but the effects of said crafting skills end at 150 for Smithing/Alchemy and 200 for Enchanting. Enchating charges will increse to 1000 but not magnitude. I figured this is fair because dont tell me that Dragonbone armor cant even slightly be improved when my Iron Armor can be 4x stronger than base.

*All combat skills as you know give you Exp. I have increades the experience rate for leveling skills slightly every 5 levels (Per Skill - getting to 31 destruction wont increase exp gain for your 20 alchemy)

*All combat skills increase in power even after Skill 100, all the way to 750. I wanted you to keep getting stronger slowly but surely. At 750+ most combat skills start feeling OP. I figure 750 + Potions will make you a god. I want there to be a reason you may want todo alchemy later.
*** I highly suggest the 'Magic Skill Scaling' mod on steam as it scales power of magic spells in the same way melee/archery is already scaled ***

skill leveling speed = (not all speed increases shown)
Also keep in mind the game makes the speeds slower and slower this only counters that alittle)

Combat Skill Speed -
20= 1.4x faster
50= 2x faster
100= 3x faster
140= 4x faster
200= 6.5x faster

Magic Skills Speed
20= 1.9x faster
60= 3.1x faster
90= 4x faster
150= 6.6x faster
200= 9.6x faster

Crafting Skills Speed
20=2.6x faster
60=4.2x faster
100=6x faster
120=7x faster
250=cap 15x faster
Crafting Skills will only award 1.5x exp at 251+ but will retain the 15x speed.
I wanted to not make crafting useless todo after 151 but I did want there to be some reward alittle extra exp never hurt.

EXP for LEVELING SKILLS (not every figure 0.1x awarded every 5levels)
so assuming all skills are at 100 you should be leveling at 3x speed.
15= 1.4x
45= 2x
100= 3x
200= 4x
capped at 250= 5x
300 = 4x
500 = 2x
800 = .1x

As you can see I made it so you become stronger for becomming stronger... untill you reach what I would consider peak.


I will have two available versions of this mod the first is meant for Vanilla Players. The second version is meant for use when playing with. Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay + Deadly Dragons + SkyUI

Vanilla Version - 3 perks per 4 levels

Mod + Version -
Deadly Dragons - you can redeem dragon souls for perks if SkyUI is installed.
Perk Enhancements - auto assign some perks for leveling in said perk.
Also with this mod you do level alittle faster.

Here is the breakdown
1 perk per 5 levels after 250.

Dont worry.. with Mods the perks will equal out.

Stats at Level Up

Health = 10pts HP, 5 carryweight /LVL 150+ 5HP, 2carryweight /LVL200+ 5HP
Magica = 10pts MP, 2 carryweight /LVL 150+ 5MP, 1carryweight /LVL200+ 5MP
Stamina = 10pts SP, 10 carryweight /LVL 150+ 5SP, 5carryweight /LVL200+ 5SP 1carryweight