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Requirements: Your game patched to 1.8 and the Dawnguard dlc for the Dawnguard version.

First off, if this is not your thing and you have an issue with it, turn back now. Do not waste my time or others.

This is simply an esp and mesh replacer that assigns textures to the dragons that use fire breath and frost breath. Ohdaviing's texture is assigned to those that use fire breath, and the frost dragon's texture is assigned to those that use frost breath. One of the reasons I did this was because I wanted something visual to separate the different types of dragons. Another reason I did this was because in my story's lore, I have only fire and ice dragons and they are red and white. So this isn't exactly lore friendly and its one of those few times I don't really care.

This does not replace anything in your texture folder, nor include any.

This replaces the regular dragons, the blood dragons, elder and ancient dragons.
The Dawnguard version replaces the revered and legendary dragons as well. Choose only one file to download.

Anything that touches the basic dragon encounters in some way is probably not going to be compatible, although all this does is change their skins and lods. I only play with immediate dragons (which so far no issue), so I can't be too sure of what is and what isn't compatible. Just be careful. I'd also assume the Thanatos and Behemoth Ohdaviing replacers will be compatible, if they have separate textures versus replacing Ohdaviing's. Texture replacers are compatible. For some good textures try bellyache's hd dragon textures, or bellyache's new dragon species. That one will require some texture renaming, if you want to replace the standard dragons with their textures, unless you just use the Ohdaviing replacer for Ohdaviing.

Bethesda for Skyrim, and the dragons and dlc.