Gothic 3 inspired - Mastersword by Mach1991
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Gothic 3 inspired - Mastersword -> "The Blade Crusher" 1.1b

One of my mods for Skyrim.
This mod adds a sword into the game that design is inspired by the Mastersword from Gothic 3 (a german RPG).

Now also on Steam Workshop ! (Only 1K Version)

Now in this Version 1.1b cat_woman1989 made some reallly cool retextures. So "new" swords are added + an optional 4k version from the retexture (beware very big unpacked ca 190 mb !!!)
I also renamed the swords so Categorized Favorites Menu should be aware that these swords are swords.

Now in this Version 1.1 finally with a Texture and a working Esp.

Just Skyrim (No DLC required)

--- !!! Important !!! ---

For all People who uses the Old Esp, erase it just use the new one. (And the new mesh and texture)

Just install it manually or use the Nexus-Mod-Manager.

All new swords have the same attribute and can be crafted and temperd like the original.

The Sword is craftable and ready to be tempered.

To craft it you need at least
1 Moonstone Ore
3 Steel Ingot
1 Firewood and
2 Leather

To temper you need
2 Steel Ingot

Or you can just use the console.
Type in
Help Bladecrusher

and add it to your inventory.

Enjoy!! and have fun !! (Oh if someone wants to make a better texture, just go ahead and send it to me via nexus and i will upload it.)

Should be compatible with all Skyrim Versions and Languages.

Thanks to
cat_woman1989 for the amazing retexture of my mod

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.
Thanks to Pluto 13 for Gothic 3, a good (but with bugs) german Rpg.

Knowing Issuise/Bugs
No bugs known jet.


version 1.1b
- Added cat_woman1989 retexture and renamed the swords so Categorized Favorites Menu should be aware that these swords are swords.

version 1.1
- Now with a UV-Map and Beta Texture ;-).

version Beta
- Initial release