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NOTE: Make your requests in the proper location, the mod request forum and if I see it and can and want to do it, I'll give it a shot. I will ignore all other requests :) Besides then you have the full communities attention, not just mine.


Argonian Claws & Pugilist Glove bonus - By request of Lelele5
Adds +15 claw damage to Argonian's and bumps up the hand to hand damage base for the Pugilist glove to +20. It will most likely bump all of the damage done by the enchantment for hand to hand damage for enchantments too.

Wood Elf Extended Animals - By request of Forumate
Had to redo this, simply didn't work as intended due to Vanilla not adding a follower that follows. *rolls eyes* Anyhow, I had to create a completely new spell and Wood Elves now have the ability to summon a wolf once per day instead of the other useless power. The wolf will hang around for like 1000 hours if he's not killed and will dissipate if another is summoned the following day.

More Prey Animals - By request of Taehee
After much testing this appears NOT to be working as stated, due to not using standard spawns for prey *rolls eyes* Anyhow, it's currently removed and will return in a couple of days when I've made changes that 'should' make it work.
Please post any bugs if applicable and I'll sort them out.
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