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Added: 10/12/2011 - 01:17PM
Updated: 11/11/2012 - 07:31PM

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Last updated at 19:31, 11 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 13:17, 10 Dec 2011

By AeonVita

Short description
This mod contains whiter and more polished looking textures for the Dragonplate Armor and the Dragonbone Weapons.

My other mods

This mod includes a retexure of the Dragonplate Armor as well as a texture for my own mod called Dragonbone Weapons. My personal opinion is that the default Dragonplate armor is too dark, dirty and not very "bone-like". This mod makes the textures a great deal brighter, whiter and cleaner. It got more of a "polished" look I'd say.

The only parts of the textures that's modified on the Dragonplate armor is what was suppose to be bone material, the rest is kept the same. By request, I've made similar changes to the Dragonscale armor, which isn't really made of "Dragonbone", so the title doesn't fit in well with the mod, so to say. On these textures I've changed some more stuff than the main scale material, I've for example blackened the brownish spikes on the armor, so it matches the Dragonplate armor better.

Optional downloads
Jagged Crown - As an optional download I've included a retexture for the "Jagged Crown", similar to the Dragonplate retextures. You can craft one if you install my other mod "More Craftables".
White horns - By request, I've added a version of the helmets, of both the plate and scale armor, where the horns are changed from bluish-black to more white. My opinion is that it looks better unmodified, but please see the screenshots and make your own decision.

- Dragonbone Weapons if you want to use the weapons.

The textures are now also available as an option in the new Dragonbone Weapons installer.

Nexus Mod Manager
- Press the "Download with manager" button for the files you want to download.
- When downloaded, activate the mod in the "mods" tab. If a popup shows up that tells you there's a newer version available, you'd generally want to answer no. This occurs when downloading some other file that has a lower version number than the mod version.
- Make sure that the added .esp files are checked in the "Plugins" tab.

- Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Dragonbone Weapons mod if you want to use the weapons.
- Download one or both of the main files.
- Open the archive(s) and move the files inside the data folder to the data folder in your Skyrim directory.

Nexus Mod Manager
- Deactivate in the "Mods" tab in NMM.

- Remove the "Data\textures\Aeonvita\" and/or the "Data\textures\armor\Dragonbone\" and/or the "Data\textures\armor\Dragonbone\" and/or the "Data\textures\armor\bonecrown\" folders, depending on what parts of the mod you are using.

Todo/Ideas (No promises)
* Make version based on the new high-res textures.

How this was made
Only tool used to make this is Photoshop with the Nvidia DDS plugin. In Photoshop the process is basically first to mask out what's to be changed and then modify those parts with the "Levels" and "Hue/Saturation" tool. The changes are stored as a macro, and used on other textures.

Changelog - Weapons (DD.MM.YY!)
3.0 - 25.01.12
* Added seperate glow textures to go along better with the whiter textures. They are more bluish and not as bright. These are not yet in the Dragonbone Weapons installer.
2.2 - 11.01.12
* Added textures for the Nordic Dragonbone weapons. The textures are also available as an option in the new Dragonbone Weapons installer.
1.9 - 21.12.11
* Added textures for Dragonbone Scimitar.
1.8 - 10.12.11
* Initial release. Made to work with version 1.8 of Dragonbone Weapons.

Changelog - Dragonplate Armor
1.0 - 10.12.11
* Initial release.

Changelog - Dragonscale Armor
1.0 - 14.12.11
* Initial release.

It's for obvious reasons not compatible with mods that replaces textyres of the same items.

* ...

Distribution Permission
You may distribute, modify, and use this mod and the attached files in the making of other mods IF you properly credit it to me (AeonVita).

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