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More Elven Skin Tones by DataRomance
Skyrim » Races, classes and birthsigns
Added: 23/02/2013 - 07:10AM
Updated: 10/03/2015 - 07:51AM

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Uploaded by DataRomance


Last updated at 7:51, 10 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 7:10, 23 Feb 2013

I can't seem to find any mod that adds additional skin tones for the elven races, So i decided to try and do it myself!

This mod adds, At the moment, All the Nord skin tones to the Dark, High and Wood elves.

This plugin Doesn't require anything since it just adds a skin tone to a default race.

/// ***I had a problem where the mod wouldn't add the skin tones, I had to load, AllWarpaintRaces.esp Before the More Elven Skin Tones mod. If you have the warpaint for all races mod and you're having problems with my mod not adding the extra skin tones, then try loading the all warpaintraces.esp files before my mod at the end of the Mod Order List



If you don't have the problem i had then disregard what i said. :) /////

If you like it or if there's any problems let me know!
(I'm new to using the CK).