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Requires: Dragonborn DLC

This will be a remake of Vvardenfell after red year so its current, Still a work in progress, Still working on new Dagon Fel and interiors of the current places, WORK IN PROGRESS.
Red Mountian in Progress, Ashlands in Progress


DO COC aaaVvardenfellbegin to transport to Vvardenfell,
NONCHEATWAY: go to raven rock and there is a boat near by in town, find it and theres a hatch.

Current new Creatures:
Ash Slave
Ancestor Guardians
Ash Ghoul
Dire Troll

Ash Hopper(scrib) coming soon

New Dagon Fel
Ash lands in Progress( to get to it travel straight from Rothean crossing a small sea)
Mzuleft, no enemeis yet
Lost Temple of Tencticals
Orelin Ancestral Tomb

To find develpoing Areas, go straight from Rothan and you will find a island then keep going youll find the ashlands in Development

Version 1 Alpha (2.5)
-added a bunch to ashlands
-added bthuand
-added earwig spell
-added ash ghoul

Version 1 Alpha(2.0)
-added anchestor guardian npc
-added bonelord
-added tomb
-added more land
-added brisketlback mount

Version 1 Alpha (1.5)
-added more ashland


Story: a man from the phisis order went to solsteim to find immortality, Hermus Moras Portals failed to work for him so, then he went to Vvardenfell to find a second rift to Hermus Moras realm, He searched through the remains of ,he did, then he found the rift to the realm, he fought the creatures of Acopryia and Hermus Moras, he found an spell that dups a form, so he did with hermus mora and reconjure a evil form of him to destroy all,he became an overlord over magic and power, At the Star Mound is power reamins, for that evil has come agin, worse the Dagon for that all of Tamerail must fear.

Boars were brought back to make defending and trade easyer.
A new silt Strider breed formed, partly dwemer to adapt faster to ash climate.

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Youtubers Needed when right.

Credits Video: MMoxReview
New textures Coming: GasGiant