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Allannaa's Skyrim Decorating Pack, Updated

Decorate YOUR House YOUR Way!

Creating and decorating a house in Skyrim can be a lot of fun -- If you can do it your way!

But how many times have you "placed" something just so, only to find it knocked onto the floor when you get home from a hard day of adventuring? How many times have you thought "OMG where is the privy, it's too cold to go behind that snowberry bush!" How many times have you wished you had a teddy bear of your very own? How many times have you seen something in someone's house and wanted the same for yours?

Well, now all your problems are solved!

This kit contains static versions of a few common items, some interesting unique items, and some retextures of existing items.

It also contains a book to help you use the console to decorate your player-built or purchased home. The book explains how to "console decorate" and it lists the codes for the items in this pack, as well as some codes for "vanilla" Skyrim. (To get the book in game, simply open the console, type Help "decorating" and hit Enter. Use the Player.AddItem command to add Alla's Decorating Book to your inventory so you can read it.)

This mod is compatible with Hearthfires, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn, and with all other mods produced by me. If you plan to add an apiary, or other items from various DLC expansions, you must, of course, have those expansions installed in order to place those items around your home.

You must have the Skyrim Script Extender to use this mod.

If you have older versions of this mod, please uninstall them first, to avoid conflicts or messed up textures.

You can use the NexusModManager to install this mod.

For Manual Install:
1) Download the ZIP file and unpack it.
2) Place the ESP and BSA files in your Skyrim > Data directory.
3) Add the Textures, Meshes, and Scripts folders to Skyrim > Data in the appropriate places.

All original story text, textures and models © Beth Kuda 2012 and 2013 and may not be reproduced without permission.

**Note, this is NOT a modder's resource. If you want to use any of the original NIFs or DDS files in your own mod, you must contact me for permission first.