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Allannaa's Skyrim Merchants

How often have you rolled your eyes in frustration as a merchant tells you he's out of cash and can't help you? How often have you wished there was a merchant close by to begin with? How often have you muttered, "By Talos, why doesn't anyone want to buy my stuff??"

Well, all your troubles are over.

Five members of a small Khajiit family have decided they're no longer interested in the roving life, so they have settled permanently in villages throughout Skyrim. They figure with all the upheaval of recent times, they're safer near towns instead of wandering. And besides, there are all those soldiers and adventurers tromping around lately....

Each of them has different crafting amenities available for you to use. Each of them will buy practically anything -- You know how Khajiit are, they can turn a profit on almost anything, so they're willing to help you out. They have quite a bit more cash than your average merchant, and they're not going to inquire too closely as to where you acquired a given item.

Their shops are marked on the map, and the adventurer in a hurry can fast-travel to them.

Alla's Skyrim Merchants is compatible with Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn, and with all other mods produced by me,

You can use the NexusModManager to install Alla's Skyrim Merchants.

Manual Install:
1) Download the ZIP file and unpack it.
2) Place the ESP and BSA files in your Skyrim > Data directory.
3) Place the Mesh, Texture, and Script folders in the appropriate places.

Scripting help and the Fire-Lighter script provided by IsharaMeradin

All original story text, textures and models © Beth Kuda 2012 and 2013 and may not be reproduced or redistributed without permission. Cells affected, Tamriel 41, -16; -19,1; -24,18;-34,8; 19,-18