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Added: 20/02/2013 - 09:37AM
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Volumetric sun for K-ENB

guys if you don-t like the the K-ENB Just because It not provide A good sun the Download this mod and enhance the beauty of K-ENB


*Firstly this is not the replacer of Original K-enb...I just EDIT the K-ENB'S ini file .
*This mod contains "enbseriese.ini" file and sun textures
*What you have to do is to just Copy the Files from main folder to skyrim directory.
*Use this Mod only if you have K-ENB Installed.
*I have just edited a few likes in "ini" file related to sun so their will be no addition or subtration in K-enb will just add sun .
*Just replace the original "enbseries.ini" file with the provided enbseriese.ini file
*Original creator of the "enbseriese.ini" file is the maker of k enb only.

Guys also have a look at these two screen shots and endorse if you like them--
Cybershot 2
Cybershot 1

Credits --
very very thanks to The maker of K-ENB.