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I'm currently taking a long break so I might not see your comment. I have also disabled my inbox for
a while. Hope you understand and thank you very much!

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A person came into my comment box, a person called bjs_336 and they said to me: "I double dare you to fix
this problem motherf***er! I double dare you!" Although now I'm not sure if I got confused with Pulp
Fiction, but they basically said something along those lines.

What does this mod do? Well it actually fixes a problem with the default game where distant decal was
vanishing at a shockingly short distance. Even with detail fade unchecked and maximum graphics, the problem
would rear its ugly head.

Okay, but what is decal?

Decal is a layer which adds extra effects over other textures. Moss or cracks in certain walls are a decal for
example. Ever notice the big brick stones on the edges of Whiterun walls? They are decals and not actually 3D.
It's a nice trick that increases performance, but there was never a reason to dial the distance down so low on PC.

The mod currently fixes these main eye-sore items:

  • Exterior fort pieces.
  • Exterior "ice" fort pieces.
  • Exterior Whiterun walls.


Any FPS loss?

Not for me.

Is this mod compatible with X mod?

It is compatible with ALL mods that don't edit the same mesh. If a mod does you will have to choose which
mod you like better. I'm not aware of a mod that edits these files apart from this one. Texture packs will
of course be fine (that's why I said ALL).

What if I spot some more areas that need attention?

Call me... Maybe. Obviously tell me and I will go and have a gander.

Someone is saying that this can be done without meshes - is that right?

Yes it can. Going to your Skyrim.ini and changing/adding these values...


...will stop the decal fade. However this will change ALL the decals to maximum distance.
This may cause problems (or a perfomance hit) and so I don't recommened it directly.
Distant Decal Fix is selective and fixes the MAIN problem areas that you will certainly notice.
Think about it this way... Bethesda did enable this on most things already (it's more likely they just
forgot to enable it on everything). This mod then, continues Bethesda's work, keeping perfomance
as originally intended. This mod was created before I knew about any .ini edits. Take your pick.



  • Expanded the decal fix to Whiterun exterior walls.


  • Expanded the decal fix to fort "ice" exterior walls.


Oldskool manual only:

1. Extract the contents of the folder "Meshes" into your Skyrim / Data folder
(usually located at Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / skyrim / data)
2. Done!

If you don't get any of that or you are new, try google.


Use on a 'as is' basis unless I say otherwise. I give full permission for anyone to use or upload
this mod as long as full credits are given to me as the original author. Please do not steal or
claim my work as your own. It is very degrading to me and other people who put in hours of
their own time for the community. You can translate this mod and upload it as long as you give
me notice first.

As my inbox is closed at the moment, if you are a modder that wants permission to use anything in
this mod - please go ahead! All I ask is credits (as listed above). Best of luck with your mod. :)