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THIS IS NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON (by DefiniteIntegral). Sorry but I just don't have time for Skyrim these days. I do not know if monydragon is still working on this or not.


This is a plugin comprised of 3 components for Script Dragon version 1.8.151

SkyRE compatibility is available. Currently supports SkyRE

SkyRE perk support was initially added by Farinhir and is now being updated by monydragon. For SkyRE related APSL support, please contact monydragon, or alternatively fluxxdog who is also helping out. For general AutoPSL support please contact DefiniteIntegral.

AutoPSL requires setting up to work with SkyRE. Please see the "SkyRE installation" and particularly the "Load Order" section below. If you get looping unlock messages READ THE LOAD ORDER SECTION BEFORE POSTING ASKING FOR HELP. If you get looping messages then your load order is not set up correctly.


Optional file - Monydragons Personal Leveling Setup. This changes how the leveling is setup for the Community Uncapper/SkyRE/BYOG - Starting Skill Levels ( 0 ) These are what I use to make the MOST of these settings.

You NEED SKSE and the COMMUNITY Uncapper.

Link To SKSE

Link To Skyrim -Community- Uncapper

Link to BYOG - Balance Your Own Game (Starting levels is in OPTIONAL FILES)

Direct Download BYOG - Balance Your Own Game - Starting Skills Download Direct

I also would highly suggest for balance reasons to download BYOG - Starting Skill Levels and activate level 0

Changes the Max level to 240, Changes the level curve to 68, Changes the max level for skills to be 150 not 300 but only showing 150. Balanced out rates that makes leveling more balanced. around 8-12 levels in skills per level. I hope you guys enjoy this IT IS NOT REQUIRED to enjoy the benefits of AUTO PSL. Only if you want to copy the leveling system, I currently use.


-Automatically adds perks once a player reaches requisite level in a particular skill.
-This means levelling eg destruction to level 100 gives you all destruction perks. So it is possible to have all perks in the game just by skilling up.
-Removes perk points obtained by normal levelling since no longer needed (optional).
-Player receives text notifications during play when new perks are unlocked.
-When first loaded, will likely result in many low-level perk unlocks (when using default configuration).


-Automatically sets max Health, Magicka, Stamina and Carry Weight dependent upon current skill levels.
-By default Health set by: Block, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Two Handed, Smithing, Restoration, Alteration, Alchemy
-By default Magicka set by: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, Restoration, Alchemy
-By default Stamina set by: Marksman, Block, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Two Handed, Smithing, Restoration, Sneak
-Carry Weight is set by default to increase with max stamina
-Speed and Jump height increase with max stamina. Both also fluctuate depending upon current stamina and encumbrance
-Health, Magicka and Stamina range from 100 to 999 (by default). Reaching a max stat means being level 100 in all related skills as defined in config
-Stat curves are modifiable via configuration, see comments in .ini and this thread
-Stats added on normal levelling up screen are now meaningless, any changes will auto-revert after exiting menu.
-If used on an existing savegame, stats may decrease or increase significantly depending upon skills.


-Level automatically based on current skill levels. This is taken from current, not base skill, so a skill boost via enchantment can affect level.
-Higher level skills will contribute more to levelling up (by default)
-Levelling is fast at low levels, and slow at high levels as per usual (configurable)
-Levelling happens silently in the background, the normal level up procedure is now meaningless.
-Normal levelling up in game has been de-activated by default, so the LEVEL UP menu won't come up.
-Can train unlimited number of times. If not using auto level, can specify number of training sessions per level.
-If using this on an existing save game, player level may increase or decrease drastically dependent upon skills.

These 3 components are designed to work together so all level/stats/perks are handled automatically. This way the only thing of consequence is your current skill levels.

CONFIG (Auto) - settings for one of the Auto components

-Individual perk skill-level and player-level requirements can be set for every perk
-Able to set global skill-level and player-level minimum for auto-unlocking perks
-Can disable auto perks for whole skill trees
-Can set min/max health/magicka/stamina/carryweight/jumpheight/speed/level
-Can specify how much max/current stamina affects speed/jump
-Can modify levelling curves for player level and stats
-Can specify which skills contribute to level/health/magicka/stamina
-Auto Perk/Stat/Level can be selectively disabled individually

CONFIG(General) - can use these with AutoPerk/Level/Stat disabled

-Set training number per level
-Set training cost base, multiplier, journeyman/expert/master cost multipliers
-Set Health/Magicka/Stamina gain per level when NOT using AutoLevel/AutoStats
-Set number of summonable creatures
-Set pickpocket chance
-Set number of magic runes at once
-Set base/max armor levels
-Set blood splatter max
-Set alchemy skill factor
-Set smithing upgrade factor


-This requires ScriptDragon for Skyrim available here:
-Copy the ScriptDragon files into Skyrim root folder (same as TESV.exe): ScriptDragon.dll dinput8.dll
-Extract the AutoPSL files into Skyrim folder also. Configurtion found in Data/ASI
-Edit Data\ASI\AutoPerkStatLevel.ini to configure how your character grows in level/stats/perks, or AutoPerkStatsLevelSkyRE.ini for SkyRE settings

-DON'T INSTALL THIS MOD UNTIL AFTER COMPLETING CHARACTER SETUP IF STARTING A NEW GAME. Otherwise your stats get screwed up during race selection.

Be warned this may drastically change your gameplay experience. If you don't like the changes please look in AutoPerkLevelStats.ini, everything is configurable.

Adding this mod mid-game may have a significant impact on level and stats.


This is compatible with SkyRE perks. However, note that adding AutoPSL mid game with SkyRE setup may cause a very significant change to your level and stats. Advised to install for a new game if using AutoLevel and AutoStats.

SkyRE requires special setup. If this is not done correctly SkyRE will NOT work with AutoPSL.

-Open Data/ASI/AutoPerkStatsLevel.ini
-In the [main] section change UsingSkyRE=0 to UsingSkyRE=1
-Save and exit. Open Data/ASI/AutoPerkStatsLevelSkyRE.ini - ALL settings in SkyRE mode are read from this file

Load Order

-In the [main] section set SkyRELoadOrder=N where N is the load order number for SkyRE. Must be specified in decimal, not hex.
-Load order can be found in 2 ways:

1) Using Nexus Mod Manager

Find SkyRE_Main.esp in the plugins list in NMM. The load order number to use is the "Mod Index". Do NOT use "Load Order" value as it will not work. NOTE: the index is NMM is decimal HOWEVER it could be off +1 or -1 for load order so if you are having looping issues add 1 or minus one and try again.

2) Using AppData\Local\Skyrim\loadorder.txt in windows user folder

For example, if your loadorder.txt looks like this:


Then load order should be set to 6, as counting from Skyrim.esm starts at 1. Count in decimal, not hex.

If your plugins.txt looks like this:


Then you need to add 2 to the line number, as Skyrim.esm and Update.esm still count. So in this case, start counting from 2 which means load order is 5.

Skip counting for plugins that are disabled. In the above example if SomeOtherMod.esp was actually deactivated but still listed in the plugins.txt, the load order would be 4, not 5.

Note this method is unreliable since plugins.txt will vary in content depending on whether you use vanilla loader, NMM or BOSS. Advised to use NMM to setup loading order and get the index from that.

3)You can use a mod called "In-Game Load Order Viewer" Located on the nexus here -

In-Game Load Order Viewer


This is the link to download SKSE

Link for SKYUI

Here is a video if you want to have a MCM menu WITHOUT SKYUI to replace your interface GUI.

This is a tool you can use to help you find load orders of any of your mods and it especially easy to use for SKYRE All you need to do is load up your Skyrim and then go to your start menu and then go to Mod Configuration, and then go to Load Order. In there you will see all of your active mods and their Decimal Index, so you can go down to SkyRe_Main.esp and find the number it is loaded up, USE that number in the AutoPerkStatsLevelSkyRE.INI and replace
"XX" with your Load order number.

SkyRELoadOrder=XX ; Set this to the load order number for SkyRE.

Perk config

Two sections need editing:

-In [perks-destruction] find this:



-In [perks-onehanded] find this:


In default SkyRE behaviour, only one of the three contract, soul and style perks can be enabled at once. So mimic this, only enable one by setting the Perk_PLAYER_Level_xx to 1. It is possible to have all three if desired, in which case set the level parameter to 1 for all three.

Alternatively, it is possible to setup for manual unlock. Leave the player level parameter to 0 for all, then:

In [main] set

In [perks] set

Then use earned perk points to unlock the perks manually.


If using CCO, it is suggested that you change MinSkill to 35 or higher otherwise you may start the game at quite a high level.


The SkyRE INI file is already setup for uncapper. However to use Elys Uncapper without SkyRE, it is advised to change the following values in AutoPerkStatsLevel.ini:

MinSkill=20 ; may need higher value than this to start at level 1





-This doesn't do anything at all: Either Script Dragon isn't installed correctly, or this mod is not installed correctly.
-SkyRE perks don't unlock: The SkyRE load order is not set correctly. Also, this updated for SkyRE any other version won't be fully compatible.


-There will be a bunch of console spam about jump heights an other stuff. This is due to limitations in ScriptDragon and can't be helped.
-ScriptDragon reads wrong skill stats when first loading the game. In the 2 seconds before AutoPSL loads, press TAB to open character menu. Otherwise you may level down/up and lose/gain perks when APSL loads. Probably due to Skyrim limitation.
-Using AutoLevel then disabling it may break leveling permanently. Advised to use auto level for entire game or not at all.


-Changes to stats are permanent. Recommended to backup save game before trying this.
-This cannot unlock perks from any mod except SkyRE.
-New perks CAN NOT be added just by editing the .ini file.

If you want to remove the level up bar completely, see this mod by rabidNode: