Gemstones to Soulgems by 1877
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This Mod needs Dragonborn!
I thought that gemstones in skyrim are useless even with the dragonborn dlc where you need
them for the spiders. but I also get inspired from the book "Eragon" where they capture energy in gemstones.
Now what this mod does:
This mod changes the model of the soulgems to the models from the gemstones and it replace the most gemstones with the new soulgems.
The Soulgems also got the names of the gemstones:
petty soulgem = garnet/amethyst
lesser soulgem = flawless garnet/flawless amethyst
common soulgm = ruby/sapphire/emerald
greater soulgem = diamond/flawless ruby/flawless sapphire/flawless emerald
grand soulgem = flawless diamond
black soulgem stayed black

known bugs:
The Spiders you can craft in dragonborn will need the non-soulgem but like i sayed you canĀ“t find them anymore.
Now you can do three things:
1) cheat them
2) search your inventory for old gemstones
3) or find some gems that did not changed into soulgems