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Added: 17/02/2013 - 10:26PM
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This mod adds craftable/temperable/wearable staves to Skyrim that are bows. Mages should be able to wear staves. Using them increases alteration for all but the daedric staff, that one increases destruction. You need to use real bows to increase archery.

The main purpose of this mod is to wear a staff on my back. I like the way it looks. All I have to do is favorite the mage bow of my choosing to have it appear on my back after using the .ini edit mentioned below.

Create them at any forge under their respective levels.
example: To make an elven mage bow, craft under elven with the materials needed for an elven bow.

These "bows" shoot arrows. Real, computer generated arrows. There is already bound weapons in game. Plus, I saw a new mod. Bound Arrows

Opening the Skyrim.ini file with notepad/wordpad in Documents/My Games/Skyrim and adding the line bDisableGearedUp=0 under [General] will show weapons that are favorited on your character exactly the same way ATTT does and works for all weapons, even ones added by mods.


Add with NMM or drop it in your data folder for ticking in your default launcher data files.


Please leave them. I don't want to do bound arrows, but any advice or criticism is welcome.


Some staves stay on your back while arrows shoot from your arm, as the animation still plays.
This mods real aim is to have a staff on one's back, though.


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