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Added: 17/02/2013 - 07:28PM
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I'm currently taking a long break so I might not see your comment. I have also disabled my inbox for
a while. Hope you understand and thank you very much!

Also check out the Moss Rocks add-on for DLC by michaelrw!

Please note: The videos below were made with version 1.0.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


I know descriptions are pretty boring and long, but not this one! This mod basically enables
dynamic moss (much like the snow) on certain rocks that I hand-picked. I made the mod for
myself weeks ago and totally forgot about it. Now it's uploaded and you can download it if you
really want to (I'm not forcing you though).

Version 1.1

Changes have happened in 1.1 that have removed the dynamic aspect from the rocks.
This is to combat texture stretching that sometimes plagued Bethesda's dynamic shader.
This version is generally only enabled on smaller rocks, but does include a few bigger rocks.


Any problems?

Not with the latest versions. 1.0 had some stretching (blame Bethesda).

Any FPS loss?

Nope. None that I can fathom.

Is this mod compatible with X mod?

Yes, pretty much compatible with everything I can think of. Mesh edits, texture packs... The
lot. Don't worry about other current game moss too, that should be fine and untouched.

Can you make X changes?

I have! You guys wanted less moss and you got it.

Does this show up in any weird places like on snowy mountains?

It should not show up on snowy mountains at all or any other strange places.



- Changed mod so that it doesn't use dynamic shader.
- Added new meshes with moss applied.
- New 4k moss texture with 1k uncompressed normal map.
- Added a file for 2k texture size and less moss.
- Rocks now use the new custom textures.
- Generally moss is now not applied to "mountain" cliffs.
- Moss should still not appear in any weird places.


- Improved moss layout and decreased spread to look more natural.
- Moss now looks slightly more more brown in hue.
- Default texture size is now 2k. 4k is still available.
- Compressed normal map and made it more generic to combat eye-catching areas.
- Coated some more rock types in moss.
- Mountain rocks now included. Mountain moss has a slightly greener tint.
- Fixed a texture path error on some rocks that didn't make them show moss.


- Reduced brightness and increased detail slightly on moss.
- Increased moss densities ever so slightly.
- Included USKP mesh fixes for the rocks.


- Added missing normal map texture back.


- Added a SMIM compatibility option. Big thanks to Brumbek for sorting this out for me without
me even asking!
- The moss now covers more parts of the meshes. Thanks to Brumbek again for just randomly
adding this. I see a great pattern here!
- NMM installer.


Oldskool manual only:

1. Extract the contents of the folder "Meshes" and "Textures" into your Skyrim / Data folder
(usually located at Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / skyrim / data)
2. Plonk the .esp file there too.
3. Load the .esp in your launcher.
4. Done!

If you don't get any of that or you are new, try google.


Use on a 'as is' basis unless I say otherwise. I give full permission for anyone to use or upload
this mod as long as full credits are given to me as the original author. Please do not steal or
claim my work as your own. It is very degrading to me and other people who put in hours of
their own time for the community. You can translate this mod and upload it as long as you give
me notice first.


As my inbox is closed at the moment, if you are a modder that wants permission to use anything in
this mod - please go ahead! All I ask is credits (as listed above). Best of luck with your mod. :)


Sparra' - For making the mod.
Brumbek - For the SMIM stuff.
Michael - Add-on which can be found at top of the description.
DMP - For hosting this mod on Steam.