High -Res- Hrothgar by Xaphod
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Added: 10/12/2011 - 12:46AM
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High (Res) Hrothgar
by Xaphod
Version 0.2

Bethesda's High Hrothgar was a little disappointing to me so I've gone over the textures with highres texture photograph overlays and filters in order to enlarge their size.

To install, just unzip into the data folder.
To uninstall, just remove the files in /textures/architecture/highhrothgar

- increased resolution of many parts of the texture pack up to 2048x2048
This means the texture pack may require the 4gb mod for some people.
- every texture looked over and re-overlayed with more detail and levels corrected
- Normal maps rebuilt, which helps with the way the engine applies snow.

To do:
High Hrothgar banner

Sandstone texture overlay from Tigers stock
Metal texture overlay from Wojtar stock